Saturday, July 25, 2020

Picnic Time -

'Picnic'. A word shrouded in mystery.

Although the association of outdoor eating and the picnic is not yet 200 years old, 
records of meals eaten outside go back centuries. In those days al fresco eating
 wasn't necessarily organized with pleasure in mind. The majority of cases were
 travelers wending their way over rough roads and dirt tracks, carrying provisions
 with them, and there was no choice but to eat outdoors in all types of weather.

I shared my picnic basket thrift shop find before.
(This week we had to search for it in the attic and found it hidden behind boxes - we
hadn't used it in a while).
Some years back I was thrilled to find the woven basket sitting on a shelf, empty, 
but in great condition, no stains or rips in the dark green check lining fabric, 
closure and handles all in great shape.
I actually had the nerve to ask if they could discount the price as there were
 no picnic accessories included - they took $1 off and I purchased happily
 for just $6.99 - a real bargain!

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm planning a simple picnic this 
weekend. . . . . . . when hopefully it will cool off a bit.  Driving out into the
 countryside will be enjoyable as we haven't really been anywhere other than
 grocery shopping for so long. 
Spreading a blanket on the grass and popping open a nice chilled rosé
 while nibbling tasty morsels is a much needed summertime adventure, 
something to make life a little more normal.

I gussied the basket up a bit, added some of my pretty antique china and 
serving utensils before taking photos to share with you. 
Of course I will use more utilitarian accouterments for the real picnic.

One can also plan a kind of makeshift 'picnic' at home if traveling is not possible.
We often eat al fresco no matter the weather - sitting in the gazebo in the back garden.
There are no sweeping vistas, rippling streams, ponds, lakes or rivers. . . . . . 
. . . . . just bird baths, and a little tinkling fountain. 
Massive old trees overhead, with patches of blue sky just visible here and there, 
offer cooling shade.
The overhead fan turns silently, stirring the humid southern air.
Now and then a breeze sweeps through and rustles the tablecloth, lifts a napkin. 
 The birds sing loudly, take a bath, then preen on a branch.

Yes, come to think of it, perhaps the home picnic is one of the most enjoyable.
Now appears this weekend will still be very hot. I may just get the basket out
 and pack a picnic to enjoy right here in the gazebo under the shady trees!

Wishing you all a good weekend - even though it feels
 like all the days now run into each other. . . . . . week
 or weekend, there's not much difference, is there?


  1. A picnic sounds like a lovely idea. I think it is so important to find little ways of adding variety to our stay at home days. Brett and I have been sitting outside in the late afternoon watching the thunderstorms pop up. Sometimes there's just a lot of rumbling with little rain, but it is usually cooler and nice to just be outside for awhile.
    I'll be making the first batch of pesto today. I had taken note of your angel hair shrimp with pesto dish that you posted recently. That looked so scrumptious to me so that will be our dinner today. Thanks for sharing that recipe. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Your picnic basket was a great thrift find - absolutely gorgeous. Whether you picnic in the countryside or in your delightful garden, enjoy it, and here's toasting you and Bob with a glass filled up with a chilled rosé.

  3. Oh rats. I was really hoping that off you'd go and find a fabulous picnic spot near a brook or lake on a pleasant summer day. The picnic basket was a great find.

  4. We sometimes have a picnic in the Conservatory.....just for a change! It's a lovely basket, Mary. I can imagine it going to Glyndebourne!

  5. I adore picnics whether at a park or at home. Your picnic basket looks lovely. Enjoy your time at home. It looks like a wonderful spot to dine outdoors.

  6. What a gorgeous picnic basket Mary, a super find. We have been organising small picnics most weekends during Covid, as a way to get out in the fresh air and also to make a difference from week days. I hope you find somewhere cool and shady and enjoy your wine and snacks ... look forward to some of your excellent photos too :) x

  7. picnics will never go out of fashion. I have been searching for some picnic plates, think I left it too late in the year and the nice ones are all sold out. I think the most important thing about a picnic is to have proper cutlery though - I can't enjoy eating with a plastic fork!

  8. You have a lovely picnic basket, and it looks so pretty with the nice china too. It is good for us all to get out and do something nice and different from our everyday. Hopefully it will all be over before too long, and we can start to enjoy life without all the hassles, but in the meantime we do have to be careful. Here in Aus. we have a second wave and things are locking down again in a couple of states which is very sad as people have not been wearing masks and keeping safe distances. I wish you well and stay safe.

  9. What a lovely picnic basket! I would love to have one myself :)
    Sunday again and soon a new week again...time flies...
    Love from Titti

  10. What a fantastic find Mary and it looks beautiful with all of your gorgeous touches.... and, I think that the setting of your garden for a picnic is perfect.
    The days do seem to morph into each other and the year is going so fast. Happy picnicing to you and Bob ..... I'll be thinking of you both, eating and drinking in your lovely garden and watching all of those beautiful birds and other wildlife that visit your garden. XXXX

  11. A quintessential picnic basket brimming with wonderful vintage and antique treasures, simply delightful. Such a bargain too! I do love the idea of a picnic, we have a basket all kitted out and ready and waiting to go when the mood takes us, but we never do! I wonder why? Your picnic in the gazebo sounds just the ticket, with comforts of home close by, perfect.
    Thank you so much, dear friend, for taking the time to hunt me down and visit my new blog, turning the page and for becoming a follower. I am so enjoying blogging once more now that we are "back home" in England. Maybe on your next trip across the pond we will finally get together after all these years of being close internet friends.

  12. Hope you enjoyed your picnic, no matter where you had to have it.

  13. We dine outside as often as we can. The weather has not been very helpful though! It rains every late afternoon and gets all of the furniture wet.

  14. Hi Mary :) I love your picnic basket and I'd love a glass of rosé right now. I like the idea of a home picnic, I'm not much into leaving the house these days, home is where it's at! :)

  15. I love that picnic basket! What a great idea to pack it up and go on an actual picnic in a beautiful area once the weather cools down. I'll have to suggest that to Brian when he's off work one day.

  16. Dear Mary,
    I love your vintage picnic basket. It's one of the nicest I have seen. When you do go on a picnic I would love to see what you will take along. Maybe a list of delicacies and spirits would be wonderful.


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