Friday, July 10, 2020

Garden Snippets - July brings tomatoes. . . .

The heat and humidity of July in the southeast has us mopping our brow, the 
mosquitoes are swarming, and the garden gets harder to care for.

Removed all the back garden odds and ends so the guys could get rid of ivy,
vinca, and hundreds of acorns which had already started putting out leaves
 saying, "look at me, I'm another huge oak tree in your garden's future!" 
Didn't want them tripping over elves, angels and stone chickens!

I mentioned they were fading fast last week, and now although this bloom is pretty,
 they are mostly turning brown from the heat and looking sad!

The Japanese maple has angel wing seeds - they are lovely. . . . . . 

. . . . . . and once again the Magnolia liliiflora is blooming.
Second time around this year - first before the leaves even opened, 
now with plenty of leaves to shield flowers from the sun.

Roses aren't doing too well - I think they enjoy sunshine, not constant heat day after day.

A candle of HOPE - for the front porch.

Pale beauty.

"The dill is as high as an elephant's eye"

Summer supper - Heirloom Tomato Galette - turned out well and so 
easy to make.  


  1. Mmm! May I have one of those galettes right now, please? :-)
    Your garden looks beautiful on each and every picture, but then of course while just looking at it, I can neither feel the heat and humidity, nor am I being pestered by mozzies!

  2. Some of my flowers are looking a but sad now, though battered by rain rather than blasted by heat. I must pull up around 100 baby sycamore trees every year but still they do not learn!

  3. I am just about to make the same recipe for lunch, Mary! Delicious!

  4. Your garden still looks lovely even in the heat. That galette looks so yummy!

  5. I'm about to swoon over the tomato galette. I need to drag out all my garden things and give them a good power washing. Oh I know what you mean about acorns. My neighbor lost another tree in a thunderstorm this week. I felt sad that it was a maple and not that blasted oak tree.

    Hope your temps moderate. Such heat drains a person.

  6. Dear Mary, Your flowers are all so beautiful...even the faded beauty of the hydrangeas. As soon as I see the first tomatoe in my garden I will try and make your scrumptious Galette.

  7. Oh my, that tomato galette looks heavenly! Your garden looks lovely in spite of the heat. We've had lots of rain and are hoping for a few sunnier days, but I'll take rain over that high heat. I find heat so draining.

    Be well, Mary! Happy weekend.
    Brenda xox

  8. Your garden is quite amazing and so much further along than our garden out west. The tomato galette is lovely. Love the candle of HOPE. Happy weekend!

  9. We are having the same weather, Mary. So hot and humid it is killing our flowers. Lovely to see your shed. I just had one built.


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