Thursday, September 17, 2020

Aftermath of Hurricane Sally -

They said this would be a busy hurricane year, and it looks like they are correct.

 My thoughts are with the people hit hardest by this latest storm. The damage looks terrible and, as always, recovery will take so long, and so many lives already impacted by living during a pandemic will now be even worse.

As always with natural disasters, we question so much and nobody really has the answers.

"Coastal Alabama and the Florida Panhandle face a daunting recovery Thursday, as ponds of floodwater and chunks of debris surround homes and businesses. Rivers also have spilled over their banks there, and Sally's remnants still threaten more flooding Thursday as they push into Georgia and the Carolinas" 

 . . . . via CNN today

So, although we have nothing going on such as in the atmospheric
 painting above. . . . . . 

. . . . . . here, "in the Carolinas" I'm sitting out in the gazebo, rain constant
 on the roof, pleasant cool at last air, but no wind thankfully, however things
 will get worse later with 100% rain falling steadily for perhaps another 24 hours!

As you can see, our back garden is a disaster. The guy who planned to
aerate and reseed the lawn area, bring in topsoil, bailed on us - he found
 another job.  
Also, we haven't found a landscaper yet who can give us an affordable
 plan to address the water draining from the property behind us, 
which in heavy rains like we're having again, cause substantial back yard 
 flooding for us. This means also the back bed along the fence, although 
cleared of ivy etc., still can't be built back up and new shrubs planted.

The gazebo, with me in it, might just float away by tomorrow!
SOS - send a boat please!


  1. Glad you still have a sense of humour Mary - something that we all need during this monumental year of 2020.

  2. Hang on, Mary! Don't float away. Hope you find someone to help with your yard. Out smoke is still bad, but getting slightly better each day now. Hoping for rain hear to help clear the air. Send some of yours our way, please.

  3. Dearest Mary,
    How bad that some guy just backed out of his task before completing it?!
    Annoying to say the least.
    Flood water needs to get properly drained as over time it also can enter the house.
    There always will be cracks or areas where it finds its way inside or under the house.
    We have had our share. While living and working in Indonesia, the contractor just bulldozed trees off the property and left some trunks in the soil; under the foundation! What do you think would happen over the decades, trunks finally deteriorate and cause openings for water to creep inside, even under the concrete as that too is not sealing off totally.
    We had some bubbles on the wall, from water having crept up on inside walls. The home insurance does not cover that! Only if there is a leak from a water pipe or such. Haha, paying for 30 years a hefty sum on insurance and nothing.
    Discussed that with my Pieter about all the people affected by either floods, tornado or hurricane damage and wildfires. Those are also causes from outside... so insurances pull their hands off. One only can feel for those affected by it!
    We too have a contractor that dumped us as he promised on April 24 to start next week but nothing.
    Some use the excuse of COVID-19 but life goes on, doesn't it?!
    Truck drivers and so many others that deliver our daily food and other necessities never get to stay home. Nobody ever realizes that!
    Yes, we too, live in very dark, dreary days with rain on and off. Heavy rain during the night, made me sleep very tight though. We have River flood warning and that will affect our creek as well and we're always getting the lion share from other parts of the street that are higher.
    Hope this soon will pass and find some time for biking again!

  4. There's just one thing after another in America right now. Perhaps it was as well that the reseeding didn't happen just yet or it may have been all washed away. Fingers crossed your gazebo sticks tight! ... The painting is lovely, but when you know Weather like you do, this must surely be the Before shot? x

  5. What a shocking hurricane Mary, and rain like we have not seen in years. Your poor garden! I really like the painting, so atmospheric, in a few deft strokes it conveys the dread of such an event. Be safe, and I hope the gazebo is too xxx

  6. We had rain all day yesterday, but this morning the sun is shining! Hopefully you will find the lawn people you need soon.

  7. It's always one thing after another, isn't it?

    Terrible that the landscaper bailed on you. If there's somewhere online you can leave a negative review letting people know he does this, it might help someone else. We had a landscaper out here yesterday and we are supposed to be getting an email with his estimate next week. I told my husband to expect it to be a lot higher than he expects! Hope you have a good weekend and no more rain!

  8. hope that you'll not need a boat! That's a lot of rain to come through. Glad that there is cooler air at least. If you ever watch the vlog My Great Challenge, they addressed and solved a drainage problem with a French drain. Probably too labor intensive for you to do yourselves, but perhaps a good answer for the landscaper to do.

    1. Dear Vee, I watched Sofia and liked her so much! What an undertaking - she's amazing! If I was 20 years younger I might consider trying to do my own French drain, now, no way, especially with the torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder!

  9. Us Brits are always talking about the weather but we never have the extremes like you do thank goodness. It just seems to be one thing after the other doesn’t it Mary ?
    The BBC showed a new David Attenborough documentary called Extinction..... about climate control which is placing us at greater risks of many more pandemics .... very depressing and many were in tears after watching it. I think sometimes it’s best not to listen to the news or watch such documentaries and just live in my own little world !!!!
    Sorry .... didn’t mean to be so negative. He did say there is a way out of it which was a bit more positive ! XXXX

    1. I'm with you dear - just want to live in my own little world! Some think this is selfish and self-centered - after all these years of living and dealing with life, I think we've earned it. The 'peaceable kingdom' for me now if possible!

  10. Floods are the worst disasters, even after they have subsided horrible residue is left behind. I hope you stay safe and manage to get your garden done soon.

    1. Thanks Polly - we didn't float away thankfully, but I sure would enjoy a cruise soon rather than later!

  11. I'm late to your post, and am happy to read that you didn't float away. Now I hear of a storm called Teddy - will it be headed your way? It's just one thing after another this year, isn't it? I hope you find someone to take care of your garden soon.


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