Friday, September 25, 2020

Amphibians, butterflies and figs. . .

Busy days in the garden again this week. 

The tree guys were back to prune the fig, some overgrown privets, 
and limbing up an oak tree encroaching on our neighbor's tall conifer. 
All looks so much neater now, especially the fig tree which had
 become more like a gigantic shrub!

Before and after. . . . . much better now we can see the trunk again.

Eastern Black swallowtail on asters.

While emptying pots of summer annuals, herbs etc., I also moved the pots
 of asters and was surprised by this rather large frog in the bottom of a planter.

I think my visiting frog is a Carolina gopher frog. 
Very handsome, about 3" long with beautiful markings. . . . . the first
 seen here in my garden!
If interested in frogs you can read more about him/her here.

We tipped him out of the planter near the bee bath as he obviously 
requires water - then he hopped into a pot of ivy. I haven't seen him since
but hope he stays around and devours unneeded insects!

Have a great weekend.
Stay safe - be well.
 . . . . plan a visit to a lovely garden or a pumpkin patch!


  1. Love how your fig tree looks now that its pruned. We had mulberry trees trimmed down and shaped and we have so much more sun and a neater appearance.

    God love those of you who appreciate the various garden helpers. I am very jumpy and become agitated if I come upon anything that startles me, especially things that jump; frogs, toads, grasshoppers, crickets, katydids...I seriously run for cover! Ha ha.

    Hope all is well with you and Bob. I need to catch up with you via email. I have a bunch of the same aches and pains as well as a broken ankle from tripping on a step last week. Al has some serious issues unrelated to what he's survived already. We will talk.

    Jane ❤️

  2. What a pretty little frog - I love his markings. Let's hope he stays around - I wonder if frogs are endangered now. We used to hear or see them all the time, but not in many years now. Your Asters are so pretty, another flower I rarely see, and they give so much in colour and cheer. Take care dear Mary.

  3. What a cute frog. I have always had a soft spot for them. I've also done some work in our small garden. Repotted a few things and trimmed the roses. Some of them lost a lot of leaves so I cut those branches back. Not sure it's the right time to do it. So, fingers crossed.

  4. The butterfly looked beautiful on the asters! What a surprise with that frog!

  5. Love your fig tree, asters AND frog! What a treat to find a frog like that in your garden, I would have been very pleased indeed. We have had lots of butterflies on our Mexican sunflowers (Tithoia). If you have not had them in your garden, I highly recommend them for butterflies! (Tithonia does not pay me anything to advertise for them, I just love them!)

  6. Dearest Mary,
    Oh such a 'haircut' for shrubs and trees is always very rewarding.
    We will have the tree crew coming in later, after we first make our scenic fall trips on the Great Smoky Mountains train ride, staying 2 nights in Bryson City and the Blue Ridge Scenic train ride.
    Don't know which part you are living but it no doubt will change into beautiful colors rather soon.

  7. That's a very handsome frog, I'd kiss him if I were you just in case...
    We have just one type of Swallowtail butterfly and that's very rare. Your black one looks truly exotic. Do your tree guys do haircuts for humans because I'm looking like an unruly shrub myself at the moment!

  8. I'm always amazed at what a little pruning does to improve the look of a plant or shrub. Reminds me I need to do that here too. Your purple asters are a bright spot of autumn. What a handsome looking frog. Happy weekend!

  9. How nice to have your very own frog!

  10. Your fig tree reminded me of the freshly harvested fig my neighbour gave me, I shall have them with cheese and walnuts later, washed down with a glass of wine.
    Lovely asters, and the beautiful frog will hopefully stay around a while.

  11. First of all I have to say how much I love your Autumn header, it is gorgeous. The tree doctors did a good job on the fig tree, so much tidier now. Hope Kermit had found a new home. Wishing you well, dear friend.

  12. I did get away Saturday and saw a lot of beautiful foliage. Everything looks so nice and tidy and gives you glimpses of pleasant scenes. You did well to take care of your little friend. I might have been so startled that he may have had a little flight through the air.

  13. Oh, I would love to find a frog in my garden. Frogs in you are means your surrounding environment is healthy. Have a wonderful week! Hugs....

  14. What a handsome frog. He would be a delight to have in the garden.
    Now I am wondering? I just bought 5 asters for the garden. Do they come again the next year or are they a one time bloomer and then fade away for good? I really would like them to stay in the garden. Your fig tree pruning looks very nice.

  15. Your pruned fig tree is lovely, as are the asters. The frog would have given me a bit of a start. I've never seen a frog in our garden - it would be a good sign. We have lots of lizards, though.

  16. Oh yes, the fig tree looks much nicer after its trim.

    Pretty purple flower backdrop for the butterfly and the frog is stunning! I spotted a green frog in our back garden the other evening. It brought a smile to my face. Love seeing critters in the garden. :)

    Lovely photos, Mary.


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