Monday, September 21, 2020

Waning late summer days. . . . . .


This is how late Summer, early Autumn should be! 

A busy weekend flew by.
Perfect weather has arrived at last.
Sleeping with the windows open.
Drinking the last of the rosé wines.
Baking a little sweet thing now and then.
Having company on the front porch.
Granddaughter came for lunch in the gazebo.
Buying fresh, chef-made pasta for a pumpkin sauce.
A cord of firewood delivered then stacked by Bob.
New young neighbors moved in across the street.
Fig leaves falling in the cooler nights - acorns too.

Up early today - baked buttermilk biscuits. 

Taking a country ride this afternoon to shop for pumpkins. 

Blogging has been on the back burner - will catch up with you later!


  1. Dearest Mary,
    Some lovely photos from your end of summer events.
    With the fire wood you now will be well prepared for the season.
    Enjoy the start of autumn!

  2. Autumn is here with bearable weather. Happy Friday hear it's cooling off for you too.

  3. I can "hear" the spring in your step. Nothing like cooler weather and the beautiful colors of autumn. Say, do you know anything about figs and fig wasps?

  4. Young neighbours! It's nice to get some new blood injected into the neighbourhood. I hope they fit in and you like one another. Perfect weather sounds perfectly lovely!

  5. Enjoy the beginning of fall/autumn. It sounds just lovely.

  6. lovely pictures, dear Mary! Ah yes, the rosé... we have been enjoying some almost every night with our evening meal here at the hotel in the mountains, after having spent all day hiking up and down mountains and through woodland showing clear signs of early autumn.

  7. A country drive in search of pumpkins sounds delightful right about now. Hasn't the weather been fabulous? Your baking efforts look scrumptious. Love that hummingbird plate! Having the firewood stacked and ready must give you both a feeling of accomplishment. Happy Fall!

  8. Such lovely glimpses of early autumn in your corner. I hope your pumpkin search was successful. We have been enjoying wonderful weather recently, but that will end tonight with a storm blowing in from the Pacific that will bring wind and rain for a few days. I do love a stack of firewood! Way to go, Bob! Take care.

  9. Let's enjoy beautiful autumn days. Thanks for your comment about the sea. I love the sea in winter, too.

  10. cooked a pumpkin/cheekpea stew today from a butternut pumpkin. there are so many recipes for this
    delicious and beautiful vegetable. Miss travelling too.


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