Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Pumpkins and Round Houses --------

However in Laayoune, Western Sahara, there were these really cute
 pumpkin-looking 'round houses' in an area called Spanish Town.

This year I'm missing travel to distant lands so much! 
I was more than ready to head south of the city on the first cool
 day to our favorite small family farm, Johnson Pumpkin Farm, 
and pick up some traditional pumpkins for a little fall decor. 
The ride through the countryside was fabulous - green
 fields, blue skies and plenty of brilliant pumpkins.

These came home with me and are now decorating the
 front porch. . . . . . .the two large paler colored pumpkins on the right
I will roast later as they are good for soups and veggie stews.

Also picked up a couple of pots of heavily budded mums - should open
 with a lot of yellow blooms soon!

Are you planning to decorate for Autumn and Halloween this year?


  1. beautiful ...just made a stew from that goodies.

  2. I love pumpkins!!!! And Fall. I cannot agree more, we have to find little moments of joy during these dark days Mary. I heard yesterday that Halloween is cancelled, it makes sense but we have to find a way for the kids to put on their constumes and enjoy the holiday!

    Travel is not what it used to be, we made an emergency trip to see my mother-in-law last week. And although Delta Airlines was great and the flight was fine, plane was clean, etc. The airports are not ready for business, many of the businesses and shops are closed, the ones that are open are understaffed so the lines are long and the waits are terrible.

    As for hotels, NO AMENITIES! No pool, no gym, no room service, no food, many common areas are roped off. Also the room is sealed and sanitized upon your arrival and you are told upon check-in that they will not change the sheets, towels, etc or step foot in your room for the length of your stay. If you want something come to the desk. And the rooms and flights cost more because they are trying to recoup some of their losses.

    Have a great day my friend, enjoy the beautiful weather.

  3. Such beautiful photos and fall decorations!

  4. Dearest Mary,
    Our very first pumpkin encounter was in California, October of 1983 when I joined Pieter on one of his trips to the Campbell Soup mushroom farm near Santa Cruz.
    This was still at a time that pumpkins were completely unknown in Europe, now that Fall Craze has caught up everywhere.
    Those houses in the Western Sahara look indeed pumpkin like!
    Your third photo shows also a cute stone kitty, beside the lowest planter pot.
    Enjoy this season of color.

  5. I love how you have decorated with pumpkins! Inspirational, thank you. I went to a local pumpkin farm with a friend yesterday but only came home with one medium sized pumpkin and a bunch of gourds. I need to go back with my hubby to pick out the big pumpkins to decorate the porch. They were too heavy for me and my friend to carry!

  6. Very autumnal, Mary. I love everything about pumpkins! How lovely to have a pumpkin farm nearby. We are still sweltering in 80s and 90s and clear sunshine here through the end of the month. Perhaps in late October it'll start feeling like autumn. The favorite season for so many of us.

  7. I have a big pot of tightly budded chrysantheums on the porch. I have one big pumpkin growing in the garden that I'll put on the porch. I don't do a lot of decorating for fall, but a bit is nice.

  8. Halloween is no big deal here, though more pumpkins are grown these days and I expect to see a few decorations outside houses containing small people.

  9. Oh I do so love the Autumn/Halloween decorations in Nth America. Your pumpkins are so pretty and that is a gorgeous bird and birdhouse. It is a year tomorrow since we flew to Canada to enjoy the Fall, and we have been nowhere since. Like you, missing the travel, especially to see family. The drive to the pumpkins sounds very nice. Enjoy the Season, and take care. xxx

  10. I love decorating for fall. Your pumpkins are wonderful!

  11. Your pumpkin decorations look lovely Mary. I love the little ones. You could never get them here in the U.K. unless you grew your own but, Marks and Spencer had them last year and I bought some .... the little ones look lovely on the mantle pieces. I hope they have them this year. XXXX

  12. Pumpkin featured strongly at most evening meals we had during our ten days in the mountains; the hotel kitchen produced soups, stews, roasted pumpkin, mash and all sorts, really nice.
    You have done such extensive traveling, I understand you must miss it greatly now that it is not possible. Good job you have such a lovely house. Your decorations are beautiful!

  13. So far I have picked up the asters, 3 pumpkins, and one giant potted mum. Love these things decorating the garden and porch. Love your pumpkins and that first pumpkin house of your travels too.


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