Wednesday, April 14, 2021

All about the greens and a busy week -

Lately, I seem to run out of time to write here, and to comment - forgive me.
It's just amazing how suddenly the garden awakes and there is so much to do 
to keep ahead of overgrowth and weeds. With no rain we've also had to water
as the afternoon temperatures are really hot.
We spend a lot of time outside, then in the afternoons collapse on the porch
 with a cup of tea, then in to make supper. 

Not only a lot of pinks and purples blooming, plenty of green also
Bob is mowing this early morning before it gets too hot - high 82F later!
Note the urn with small conifer in top left - my favorite Carolina wren pair
have a nest in there. The fig tree is almost completely leafed out as
you can also see in that same photo.

There are hundreds of these sprouting oak trees to pull out this year!

Jasmine on the back fence just opening gorgeous yellow blooms.


Trumpet vine in all its glory on the side arbor.

Enjoying some green tea in the Anthropologie super sized cups,
or perhaps they're actually mugs!

Luscious, local, freshly picked strawberries enjoyed this week.
Will pop over to the farm stand for more later today.
A homemade strawberry rhubarb galette comes to mind!

Pollen much less at last! 


  1. Your gardens are so lovely. I know they are a lot of work. I am enjoying tending my little herb garden on my lanai and letting the lawn team here at the condo attend all of the rest!

  2. Beautiful greens and colours in your garden, Mary. It's getting busy here, too, in the garden, but we're not nearly as far along as you are. Our fig tree has nary one leaf on it yet. A very cold spring thus far is turning into warmth this week and I expect to see a lot happening out in the garden. Glad the pollen is abating. Enjoy your tea in those pretty mugs!

  3. Dearest Mary,
    Wow, Bob is using a push mower... that is killing and let alone when it is getting hot. We're glad we have yardmen taking care of it! We sold our John Deere riding lawn mower last year on Pieter's B'day in April.
    Your yard looks indeed explosive with lots of blooms. It goes very fast here!
    Enjoy it while it lasts.

  4. Mary, I hope your efforts reward you as much as they do we readers and I'm sure, your neighbors too. Those little Carolina wrens pick the darndest spots for nesting. They make up for it though by their beautiful song. Thank you for sharing during this busy gardening season.

  5. What a blessing it is to have such a beautiful garden to enjoy! How did you manage when you were still working, I wonder; there is always a lot to do in a garden to keep it beautiful.
    I've yet to have my first fresh strawberries this year, it will take a few more weeks before they are ready over here. We are having frosty nights and mornings, but sunny days this week.

  6. Pulling oak trees is quite the chore because of that acorn plug. I saw a tool for collecting acorns before they grow up. I think I'll invest. So glad that you are enjoying your days in the garden.

  7. What glorious plants - here it is all spring colour in the hedgerows but not yet n our little patch. I saw some white bluebells today - they were lovely too.

  8. We're not at the point yet where we're working in the yard everyday; we just finished winter/spring yard clean up! Always a huge chore every year. Now we have tons of mulching to do. Trees are just now blooming here and I noticed my neighbor's redbud down the street is blooming, so we're getting there! We're in the midst of a cool trend though (I believe the entire "middle section" of the US is)...only in the 50's during the day and down into the 30's at night. There might even be some snow flurries next Monday night. So that near-80 degree weather we had last week was just a tease! Enjoy the fruits of your labor...your gardens are beautiful.

  9. Your garden is breathtaking, Mary. The trumpet vine and jasmine are thriving. So lovely. I would like some of your warm temperatures. We're in the middle of a cold spell, expecting some snow tonight. :(

  10. Good to hear the pollen is less now. That cannot be fun!
    Your garden is amazing and gorgeous! Our trumpet vine never blooms, sadly.
    The jasmine and snowballs are gorgeous! I love them both. Cute cups/mugs too!
    Local strawberries will be ripe here next month. They are the best! Yours looks delicious, yummmm!


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