Sunday, May 16, 2021

Another week.......and all is good!

A very good morning dear friends on another beautiful day in the
This past week we've had awesome weather so time in the garden
 has kept me busy, weeding, pruning, watering and just fiddling about.
Occasional sniffing of the now blooming peonies, and sticking my
 nose in the huge waterfalls of jasmine and honeysuckle pouring
over the fences around the back garden is a lovely pastime, 
especially in the evenings when the fragrance peaks and I swoon!

I've been getting up much earlier and sitting on the front porch with
my favorite mug full of steaming coffee, a throw, and a camera of
course. It's still cool then but soon warms to a comfortable 
temperature as the sun comes up.

I'm also cat sitting Ms. Nala next door for a week while her 
person is out of town. Twice a day I pop over to do the necessary
cat chores, and in the morning allow her onto the enclosed 
sunroom which she loves as she can watch birds, squirrels and
 that fat rabbit who seems to have moved into the garden.

I did make a side trip to AT HOME whilst out grocery shopping - 
and bought a new candle, yes another, really for the kitchen.
It's a lovely soft, mellow fragrance of Lime, Basil & Mandarin .........
and last evening I actually moved it into the living room for 
a while when we flopped down to watch a bit of TV
after supper in the gazebo at sunset.

I'm still following the Low Histamine diet however, as you can see here,
I cheated last night and had a glass of rosé with my salad and veggies!
Rosé is the wine lowest in histamine and I really needed a treat after so
much boring eating and no drinking!

Enjoy your Sunday and let's all catch up next week.
I'm feeling a lot better thankfully and hope to get a lot done around
 the house . . . . . . especially some much needed spring cleaning!



  1. I always make sure to visit At Home whenever I am in the US. They have such pretty things. I think I could fill a container with all the items I want to put in my trolley. That candle sounds perfect for the kitchen. I am sure it smells wonderful.

  2. The peonies are magnificent - my wife adores them - and candles too; we always seem to have candles... I was talking to Jane the other day saying one of the few things I miss about drinking is glass of good rose on a summer's evening; ah well...

  3. Dear Mary, I am so happy to read this! Your glass of rosé most likely did not jeopardize your otherwise hista-free diet, I believe.
    The perfume I have been wearing recently is lime, basil and mandarine by Jo Malone :-)

  4. Dearest Mary,
    Glad you are enjoying nice enough weather for supper in the gazebo.
    We have not had any meals in our gazebo for quite a while. When I was on crutches from March through June due to a double closed pelvic bone fracture, I could not carry any tray with food over.
    There seems to be always something going on. Now husband Pieter just replaced the stairs, lower portion from the gazebo and he even added another one as the final one made you step down too much. Looks perfect now so we're almost back on business.
    The path to the gazebo's front side is straight, no stairs on that side entering, only going out into the garden. From our Veranda you have stairs...
    Glad you enjoyed a little rosé.
    Love those Peonies!

  5. Hope the low histamine helps.
    Your candle looks and sounds most wonderful!
    Sweet Nala!
    What a lovely way to start the morning sitting out on the porch. I have a place now set up in my garden that I tell myself I must take my tea to in the early morning hour. Tomorrow I will be doing that.

  6. It sounds like you have been enjoying life. That is wonderful! I have been busy still working on getting our new place into a comfortable home. Getting really close now.

  7. Dinner in the gazebo sounds and looks lovely ~ and so does your glass of rose wine! How long to you have to be on this low histamine diet?

  8. I'm glad that you are doing better. What a pretty photo of the peonies and the candlelight. I'm looking forward to the peonies blooming here in another week or two. Sitting out on the porch sounds like a lovely way to begin the day. We are in the process of setting up our outdoor room for the season, but rain and cooler temps are in the forecast for the week, so there's no hurry.
    Enjoy the new week ahead.

  9. Firstly, good to hear that you are feeling better Mary.
    I go out into the garden everyday….. I’m sure everything grows inches overnight ! Your garden sounds ( and smells ) beautiful abd that candle needs to be in my house 😂🤣😂. Enjoy the garden Mary ( and the rosé ! ) XXXX

  10. Hi Mary! Your pictures are always so wonderful! As you described the scent of jasmine and honeysuckle, I was right there with you smelling those wonderful scents! Right now my neighbors magnolia is blooming and my lemon tree on my screened in porch is blooming and the scents are intoxicating like you said! I love that you ate dinner in your gazebo with candlelight, so pretty! Enjoy your day!

  11. The weather here has been beautiful a real spring unlike other years. I love the cool mornings and evenings and time with the windows open. Your garden already looks and sounds beautiful. Peonies are my favorite flowers and at my next house hopefully I will be able to plant some.

    I would love to know more about your diet are you feeling better being on it?
    Have a wonderful week and enjoy all of your dinners in your gazebo!
    Take care my friend, Elizabeth


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