Monday, May 3, 2021

Cabbages and roses -

Changes in one's eating plan can sometimes make amazing differences. 
Many of us have tried diets of all kinds for reasons from wanting to lose
 weight, gain weight (though I admit never had that problem!), treat digestive
 problems etc., and apparently to address issues with food allergies.

The Low Histamine plan is completely new to me and, after doing
 it for four days, I have to say good results are already seen. 
I have dropped 3 pounds of that 6 pound COVID weight gain, don't
 feel hungry, and actually feel quite healthy. It's extremely restricted
 though with no dairy, no fermented foods, no alcohol, no citrus, no
 bread or baked goods, no sugar, limited vegetables and fruits. . . in
 fact limited everything really!
All meals must be freshly prepared at home - which fortunately
 is what I'm used to doing - and leftovers have to be discarded.

I don't advise anyone to follow this diet as a way to lose weight,
 and please remember any new diet you consider following
should always be discussed with your physician.

When this recent Polymyalgia (PMR) flare started, my own physician
 decided I should try this eating plan along with the Prednisone as I was
 possibly having reactions to fresh strawberries which I'd been enjoying for
 a couple of weeks as they are in season here and being sold at roadside
 farm stands! Also, it might help with the inflammation caused by PMR.

See that gorgeous Savoy cabbage waiting on my dining room table.
I used it as a centerpiece with some garden roses for the weekend!
It's one of the vegetables allowed - yes, there are even veggies, and
 fruits high in histamine which I cannot eat now!

The weekend weather was perfect here. Other than picking up fresh eggs
 at the Saturday Farmers' Market and taking a short walk, we stayed home
 enjoying the garden, front porch (above), and suppers in the gazebo while
 watching and listening to many birds now with chirping youngsters in tow. 
We have a nest of four baby Carolina wrens tucked into the urn by our
 front steps, and another with five Black-capped chickadees snuggled in
 the old wooden nesting box hanging in the fig tree. 
The jasmine is now in full bloom along the fences and the perfume 
quite intoxicating in the evening air. Hydrangeas are opening, peonies
 and roses budding, grass thick and green, basil, parsley, dill and sage
seeds all germinating in their sun-kissed pots along the front walkway.

Such a lovely time of year.
Enjoy this first week of May.


  1. Dearest Mary,
    So good to read that you're doing better!
    Hoping this continues to improve and living with any health related diet is tricky. Who would have thought about that when we were younger?! I've never gained any weight so I ate what I liked... till you're told certain things conflict with your health.
    Lovely garden roses and great cabbage!

  2. Oh dear! What a hard diet! Wish I could follow this but I'm too happy for food :)
    Have a great week & take care Mary...
    Love from Titti

  3. Dear Mary - glad you have managed to work out a diet that you are happy with. Love the cabbage and roses in that lovely cabbage bowl.
    We eat lots of cabbage and currently we are enjoying some Cavolo Nero - Italian Black Kale - it is very rich in nutrients, and has high levels of iron and vitamins A-C. We also like sweetheart cabbage in coleslaw and red cabbage too.

  4. cabbage and roses - how clever. There is actually a 'Savoy Hotel' rose - I know because my mother used to have one. I wish we had chickadees ... but then I watched the gannets diving headlong into the sea yesterday; we can't have it all.

  5. I'm so glad to read that your diet has made such a difference already. I love your description of your garden with the birds tucked here and there, and your herbs in their "sun-kissed pots."

  6. So sorry that you are unwell Mary! It sounds like you have things well in hand, like a seasoned pro. Your garden sounds divine, I wish I could come to sit with you! Hope you and Bob will have a chance to visit New Hampshire this summer. Take care my friend...😘

  7. Dear Mary, I have been away on holidays, and am sorry to read that you have polymyalgia. My mother also suffered from this from time to time and took prednisone. I do hope the diet helps, and it is good to know there is another line of treatment. What a beautiful arrangement of colour and texture in your cabbage bowl. I always love a peek at that :) Enjoy your beautiful porch and garden. xxx

  8. That‘s great, tomnotice the positive effects of what sounds like VERY restricted eating plan so soon! Will you gradually re-introduce some of your former food once you are well again?

  9. Very glad that you are feeling better. My mother always had to be prudent in both strawberry and corn season. Crazy that such yummy foods can be a problem. Toss leftovers? Sounds like an expensive diet.

  10. Glad to hear the diet and medicine is working. Will you always have to stay on that diet or be able to wean off?

  11. Mary, Here's hoping for continued success with your health! Thank you for kindly sharing helpful information with your readers. You didn't have to be so nice, but you were.

  12. The foods we consume, how they impact our well-being, a fascinating thing to contemplate / study. Dairy is my enemy and I know it. Frustrated with myself when I dip into a yogurt container, knowing how it's going to impact me for the day. I am thrilled to learn you have landed on a solution. My sister was on prednisone for an extended period of time struggling with Covid, it worked for her but the side effects were unpleasant. Stay well, my friend.

  13. I hope this type of diet helps with your PMR. I'm surprised your dr knew about how different foods can affect illnesses. Most western medicine doctors don't! (Unless yours isn't a western medicine dr.) How long will you have to be on this diet and the Prednisone? Do they know what caused the PMR in the first place?

  14. Dear Mary,
    Hope you are feeling better. You have an iron constitution. It would be very difficult for me to stick to your histamine diet. In fact, I like all of the forbidden items. You have reminded me to make some changes. I could lose a few Covid pounds.


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