Saturday, May 8, 2021

Back to SuzAnna's Antiques!

It was far too long since I last visited SuzAnna's at their new location
 outside of Raleigh. I went once early last year when we were just
 starting to wear masks, and then two weeks ago, still masked, I had a
 wonderful visit there to see old friends. 
Of course couldn't resist doing a little shopping.

I brought home dried lavender and this bird art . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . hanging here now.

Will be heading that way again soon - treasure hunting is so much fun.
Did I hear someone say what happened to "downsizing" - well I'm still 
working on that!

Have a fine Saturday. We're off to the market for fresh eggs and veggies, 
then a walk in full sun and 72 degrees - that's what I call perfect!


  1. Ooh, I want to go to SuzAnna's Antiques too, he he. What a great place and I can see quite a few things I would want to grab. On the other hand, today we went to our local Antique Centre and I bought a sweet Art Deco two seater couch as a project to re-upholster. Let's see how long that takes me. Your bird art is great, and looks perfect in the location. And let not our children speak of down-sizing, not on Mother's Day. xox

  2. Pouring with rain and cold here Mary but warmer weather promised.

  3. I am working seriously on downsising - and enjoying it - though I do have bouts of envy every now and again. I'm avoiding antique and book shops for a while!

  4. Dearest Mary,
    Glad you enjoyed this outing and came home with a new treasure!

  5. Definitely looks like a lovely places to spend some time. Love your purchases. And that Raggedy Ann with the yellow hair is absolutely adorable.

  6. How fun you got to visit one of your favorite stores! Love the bird print.

  7. SuzAnna's shop looks as if it packed full of lovely ideas for the home and also beautifully presented. I am trying to resist buying anything that is not necessary, as like you, I should really be having a cull and getting rid of things.

  8. I am pleased for you that you were able to go to the shop and meet friends - a welcome change, I guess! And you brought home some nice finds, too.

  9. That photo of the blue transferware dishes called out to me. SuzAnna has wonderful things in your shop. The bird art is charming.

  10. Hi Mary! I'm glad you had fun at SuzAnna's shop! You got some treasures for sure! Hope you are doing well!


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