Friday, September 3, 2021

Writing and wondering -

I certainly don't sit around looking this glamorous when in a writing mood!
If you could see me now, early morning, I've thrown on wrinkled linen beach pants
 and a basic grey tee shirt to limp across the damp grass to feed and water 
Nala cat next door again while her owner is lounging at the seaside for a few days.
I would like to be there too - I so need a beach and ocean view for a change.
Limp? Yes, have pulled something in thigh/leg whilst trying to organize a 
lower kitchen cabinet, paying for it now.
I have an affinity for envelopes . . . and writing paper . . . and cards.  
I still take pleasure in writing to people via snail mail but admit to
reverting to email more than I should because it's fast and the recipient
gets the message immediately.  But it's nowhere near as exciting as 
going to the mailbox at the street, or hearing an envelope drop to 
the hallway floor through a letterbox!

Speaking of mailboxes at the street - which are of course mostly 'American' -
here you can see my next door neighbor's box, on the other side of us, but
also note a realtor installing a FOR SALE sign . . . . . . yet again!!!!!

Our really great new neighbor has only lived there since last October and, 
in that short time, has done some incredible interior renovations to update
 the house. We were shocked and sad when he told us he would be putting
 the house on the market as he has taken a job in Washington D.C. and
will be moving. Being in a 'hot area' for housing, with many small older 
homes in the neighborhood being razed and replaced by larger, 
high-priced ones, we are once again concerned as to what might
 happen next door.

Will keep you updated on this of course.


  1. I write to several friends in the US and am always envious of the variety and beauty of the notepaper and envelopes they use/

    1. I'm always on the lookout for special writing paper/envelopes - have found some beautiful ones often in discount shops - one just has to enjoy the treasure hunt!

  2. Dearest Mary,
    Well, the mail is not what it once used to be.
    We received this week a letter from The Netherlands from February...
    At present we're still trying hard to track a parcel, sent to my youngest brother on May 16. It has been three times in Miami and also in San Francisco and in Amsterdam, Netherlands and one minute later attempted delivery...?! My brother lives 2 hours driving distance in the South so that was impossible and it came back to San Francisco again. It even came to Macon, less than an hour away from us. So I hoped it would be returned to sender so I could drop it off at the UPS Store but no, it went to Seminole-Orlando and off to Miami again... AWFUL. That takes the entire fun out of any handwritten letters or cards as well. They run like 3 weeks late. Like you, I've always bought handmade paper and used the upscale Crane cotton stationery but this love has been severely dented.
    Hope you not long will be limping!

    1. Unbelievable what is happening with the mail delivery these days. . . . .and now we hear our nearby Post Office, which is a large one, may lose its lease and relocate a couple of miles away!

  3. Dear Mary - I am so sorry that you have to go through that worrying period again re: next door.
    I quite enjoy making cards to send by snail mail especially little 'thank you' ones.
    By the way what a great detective you are for discovering the exact people that sent those flowers.

    1. I love 'thank you' cards - there are some lovely ones available, the best I find are at my local independent book shop.

  4. Beautiful papers are appealing to me, and I have a collection that I rarely use these days. I hope your pulled muscle/joint soon releases and you feel better, Mary.
    Oh, I do hope you get another good neighbour who loves the house and will keep it. It's too bad about the house being sold again. Real estate is such a hot commodity here and the prices are astronomical.
    Enjoy the long weekend!

    1. Thank for good wishes Lorrie - still in pain but hoping it's going to be better soon. things like this take time.
      I found gorgeous papers in Italy - of course - and although I've used most of it over the years, I always keep at least a few sheets/envelopes as mementos!
      Yes, we're hoping for nice new neighbors and not a tear down!

  5. I love stationery and papers and envelopes, too. I used to be a huge letter writer. Wrote to my grandma and pen pals from childhood all through my teens. At one time, I had 75 pen pals! Now my love for paper is limited to scrapbooking and art journaling.

    Ugh on both your thigh/leg and the unknown future of the house next door. Hopefully someone will buy it and love it as it is!

  6. Sorry to hear about the pulled muscle. The older we get, the easier it is to pull something without any real reason. :/ How I wish I could send and receive mail. The postal system here is the pits. Sorry to hear about the house next door being sold so soon. It's always disappointing when people can't be appreciative of a cozy cottage home. Bigger is not better when it comes to older neighborhoods with unique character already built in.

  7. Our Lady of Lourdes, intercede for me and my family, cover us with your sacred mantle, I thank you in the name of the father of the child and the holy spirit amen 🙏

  8. I just love beautiful papers, writing and cards...
    Have a lovely weekend now and take care!

  9. I love snail mail too and I can understand your concern about houses in the neighbourhood that are being razed to the ground. It's a shame. Houses here are being destroyed to make way for soulless apartment blocks. The hideousness is appalling. Sometimes I just close my eyes to block out the view.

  10. Oh Mary! I always worry when a neighbor puts their house for sale, as so many developers here like to tear down the old and build tall, skinny houses with a modern look. I hope someone will buy it that wants to stay and love it just the way it is.

  11. Oh Mary,
    Look after yourself …. I wish you a speedy recovery. I had pen friends in the U.S and Canada when I was a teenager ….. I used to LOVE getting their letters and always thought they lived in such wonderful places. My sister has a pen friend in Atlanta …. They have been writing to each other for over sixty years !!! XXXX


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