Friday, May 20, 2022

Back in the saddle!

I've slept so much since coming home that I've really not taken in what's
 happened in the garden while away for just four days!
The trees are fully out.  Shrubs are much larger, and the undergrowth - ivy
 of several types, wild ginger with its white flowers, and other nameless
 greenery, has run rampant.  
The climbing roses climbed higher on the back fence along with jasmine
 and honeysuckle, and Boston ivy and more jasmine are smothering the
 side fence - perfume is heavy and lovely. 
However, I do wonder why I planted those cute little ivy plants years
 back, along with the wild ginger, both now so prolific and hard to control.
Bob moans about them every year when he heads out to attack them
with shears and brute strength when pulling out the yards of ivy.

On a sad note - something visited the finch nest in the hanging basket on
 the porch whilst we were away. It's completely empty, all four newly laid
 eggs gone, no sign of anything remaining which makes me think that
perhaps the large black snake is around again. . . . . . . that makes
 me nervous!

Shadows and light. . . . . . . .as the sun glares down.

Unbelievably hot temperatures today - just reached 96F
 here at 2:30 pm and will continue in the 90's throughout
 the weekend. Have the garden hoses at the ready as I'm sure
my outdoor time will be taken up watering early each day, and
cooling off in the gazebo in a caftan, sandals with a cool glass 
  in the evenings. Thankfully I'm feeling back to normal but will
stay on the BRAT diet one more day just to be sure! 

Enjoy your weekend and thanks so much to everyone who 
wished me well again. 
Whilst pondering life in the gazebo, or perhaps inside in the
a/c, I will get busy with preparations to travel again.
Yes, after so long and so many cancelations due to COVID,
we plan to take flight in two weeks time and will, at long last,
be heading across the pond to England to visit my family and 
friends. Haven't seen them in 3 years, the longest time I've 
spent away from home in almost 60 years!
Fingers are crossed that hopefully it will work out.

My "home sweet home"


  1. Dearest Mary,
    Glad you are bouncing back and good that you did get plenty of rest; much needed for such a long flight.
    Guess, I'm coming back from across the Pond, when you're leaving...
    Hoping that all goes well; one never knows at present times.
    Oh, we both regret so many cute little plants we ever planted. One seldom (never!) envisions what they can grow into. Also I've learned that garden centers NEVER tell about some plants becoming invasive... Haha. Just like with human beings; we deal with that problem later but we all have to face it one day or another.
    Still we enjoy our garden and you no doubt enjoy yours!
    Always so sad to find some birds nest being robbed. Squirrels also eat eggs and they might carry them away. Birds do have many predators in the wild; that is outside of our front doors as it begins right there.
    Our Carolina wren has babies inside the repurposed mailbox in which Pieter made a hole for inflight opening. Actually a double bird house with a divide in the center and opening on the other side as well. Only one is occupied though.

    1. Bon voyage dear Mariette - my thoughts go with you as you travel home. Enjoy each moment dear one.

    2. Mariette that 'anonymous' reply was actually me but done on my phone where apparently it didn't recognize me!
      Know you are ready to get going and hope so much your trip goes well without any delays and such.
      Take care and have fun.
      Mary -

  2. Dear Mary,
    I am glad to read that you are feeling much better with a return of energy, too. I've planted a few things over the years that I've regretted. Some plants can be such bullies! Two weeks until England! Hooray! You must be getting very excited. Have a great weekend.

  3. Glad you are feeling better! I am happy for you to be able to return home. Come check out my newest painting on my blog. xoxo

  4. I can just imagine the excitement of the upcoming trip. That's a long time to be away from family. Cheers!

  5. Sleeping is a great way to recuperate. I'm a firm believer in it. Oh how exciting that you will be heading off to see your family and friends. Three years is a long time. I just read Willard today from Susan Branch so I know that she is happily there.

  6. Dear Mary, I am glad to read you are feeling much better, and I think it is wise of you to stick to the BRAT diet for one more day.
    All the best for your travel plans!
    My sister and I will be travelling to Yorkshire (also the first time since 2019) in a mere 8 weeks' time. Yay!!

    1. You were so right Meike - I fell off the saddle after one tiny 'normal' meal and had to return to BRAT for another 2 days!
      So happy to know you will be going back to Yorkshire soon.

  7. Dear Mary, I am so happy for you and Bob. It takes a little bit of courage to get up and go across the pond. P{lease send pictures.

    1. Fingers crossed we make it Gina - seems like things keep getting in the way! Yes will take pix, however just with the phone these days, can't haul all those heavy camera items anymore!
      Love & hugs, hope all is well for you dear friend.

  8. So sorry you have struggled with food poisoning. Hoping you are back to full normal soon. I can't even imagine 90 degree days when our days have been cool. Finally we will start getting a little sun today. Oh I do hope you have a wonderful adventure to visit family in 2 weeks. How exciting to finally be going. Sad about the eggs disappearing.

  9. Was just now reading the daily newspaper and saw tha ALL sizes/types of JIF peanut butter is recalled due to salmonella. Article provided UPC numbers and lot series. Can be found on Smuckers and FDA websites. Could that possibly be the source of your illness? Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks for the info Eileen - others may not have heard of this recall so will also be advised. I'm one person who detests peanut butter so never eat it! It was a product never available in England where I grew up so perhaps I missed out gaining a taste for it. While my husband and children enjoyed it I went for other spreads on my bread! I think my poisoning episode came from fish or pea sprouts eaten the second night I was in D.C.

  10. My goodness, a trip across the pond is coming! Springtime in England and a family reunion; the immediate future is looking very rosy!

  11. How exciting Mary, your trip home is coming up very soon. I find myself longing to travel again too, and see family. Sorry to read you had food poisoning, which is so debilitating. I have not heard of this BRAT diet but it looks like it will work well for you. 96F!! That is hot, and hard on the plants. It must feel rather like Brisbane :) Have a good week. xoxox

    1. Trish - the weather here is crazy and yes, I recall it being very hot that time I was in lovely Brisbane!
      The 'dancing frogs' video was awesome - wonder if they knew just hard their parts were going to be in that ballet performance!!!!

  12. Mary, I am so sorry that your trip was ruined from food poisoning. I hope that you are feel ing much better after another day of rest. Your garden sounds amazing! I am already over the heat! It is too hot for this early in the season! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures home! 3 years!!!! That is such a long time. Have a wonderful day! Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns

  13. I love the smell of jasmine!

    My partner and I just got back from our first holiday in years! It is so wonderful to travel again, even if it is only within the country!


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