Friday, May 27, 2022

Dahlia dreams -

Have you ever stood in your garden and wished you were a tall
and graceful flower?

The dahlia plants have all returned and are growing by leaps and bounds.
We have rain today and this one is opening as a bi-color bloom which I
find quite unusual. I believe it's named 'Fireworks'. The plants are already
 tall so I've staked them with bamboo canes and tied them with soft 
natural garden twine.
My mother grew beauties in her garden, the large dinner plate
versions. . . . . they were a childhood favorite.

"She is surrounded by stalks of dahlias, orange and yellow and pale
 red, with leaves so big you could write your life story on each one.  
She looks like a flower in the garden, just like her mother said."

Alice Hoffman ~ American Author 


Memorial Day weekend is here and our local weather forecast looks
 good for outdoor activities and cookouts.  Do remember the real meaning
 of this holiday though.

To all my British family and friends, may the upcoming Jubilee celebration
be special.  We will miss it by a few days. . . . . .but won't miss the 
huge crowds.
This year Her Majesty The Queen became the first British Monarch to
 celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to the
 people..............God Save Our Queen.


  1. Dearest Mary,
    What a wonderful dahlia that is!
    Pieter always has been very fond of them, also due to childhood memories of his Mom.
    Oh, we had plenty of rain, yesterday when we again were without power after supper. So glad we ate before it happened!
    Today is nice and tomorrow it is sunny and so on.
    Enjoy Memorial Day and what a milestone for Queen Elizabeth!

    1. Hope today goes well dear - thinking of you. Bon voyage - I won't be far behind and, fingers crossed, all our respective travel concerns regarding rules and regulations will be resolved!
      Safe journey, hugs.

    2. You got an email... HORROR unfolding, flight cancelled and rebooked but cannot do anything on line. Constant error messages and my Delta Premium Select seat is out of question when flying on Air France of course... My back is not happy!

    3. Hoping that by 5:50 PM I will be on my way for crossing the big pond...
      Back is of course not fine but I slept well!
      Hugs to you both and hope you will do better for your flight...

    4. Our fingers are crossed tightly for your safe journey today Mariette xx

    5. Dearest Mary,
      Yes, I have safely arrived this morning. All went well, checking in was a breeze, the same, kind agent that tried so hard to get me flying on Saturday. Covid documents no problem, contrary to the stupid uploaded version on line where it got rejected over and over.
      Flight was delayed one hour due to a curfew for loading baggage due to lightning. No rain.
      But I still had plenty of time in Atlanta and managed to do a video call on WhatsApp with Pieter before boarding. In Savannah I discovered another thing, due to having arranged to have Internet on my iPhone in The Netherlands starting on Sunday morning, with Verizon, the had taken me off here in Georgia... Haha!
      Using the airport WiFi I managed and now here it works all perfect.
      My low sodium dinner was also not available, even after checking in Savannah... But I'm here!
      Big hugs,

    6. Best news of the day dear - thankful you made it after so much trouble. Stay well and now enjoy your days at home.
      Hugs Mary & Bob

    7. Thanks dearest Mary, slept well my first night!

  2. Replies
    1. I bought the tubers at Costco a couple of years back and have been very pleased with them. I've just let them remain in the ground over winter and they seem better each year. If I had more space I'd grow more - there are so many beauties to choose from.

  3. Once again you are ahead! My Dahlias are al leaf at the moment.

    1. Waiting patiently for the lovely flowers is always a pleasure though - mine are doing well with many buds and last year they continued blooming into Fall.

  4. Fireworks is a fitting name for this one! My favourite dahlias are the almost spherical pompom ones, but they are all beautiful.
    My sister and I will miss the jubilee celebrations, too, and we will leave Yorkshire one day before Yorkshire Day. But we will be there and see our loved ones, and that is what counts!

  5. Yes, definitely traveling this time mainly to see loved ones, it's been so long. . . . . . .far too long! Fingers crossed it will all work out.

  6. Dear Mary, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. What you noticed in South African workers on your travels, is exactly true. While I worked in my office next to these two ladies ironing together, I listened to their chatter and thought how they made a task easier by enjoying it. Thandi is a stickler for the perfectly washed an ironed sheet or duvet cover. A perfectionist which her daughter seemed to emulate in the few hours she helped out here. PLEASE if you come to South Africa, do come a visit the beautiful Central Drakensberg. You know where to find me on Blogger. What a treat it would be to meet you. Have a blessed Sunday. Jo

  7. Hello Mary here I am again. Seeing your sidebar with your visits to Morocco and Western Sahara; I wondered if you have you ever read about my travels with my husband's job in West, North and East Africa? If you don't mind I will post a link here - you have such an adventurous spirit, I think you will enjoy reading about those 15 years of my life, which i miss VERY much.

    1. Yes Jo I have read several of your older posts before dear - I know how interesting your traveling/working life was in those days and how you must miss your adventures with dear Grant. I'll be reading again soon as I love those stories of Africa and the different life you are living there in the beautiful Drakensberg Mts. region - some of which I saw briefly during my two visits to Rattray's on Mala Mala Game Reserve at Kruger which is north of you. Would love to return - and would definitely look you up! One never knows what's just around the next corner, so never say never, haha!
      Hugs - Mary

  8. i planted a couple of dahlia and have high hopes but no sign of any growth yet. They are the most beautiful things but seems not everyone has success with them, yours has a lovely colour.

  9. Love dahlias but I never succeed with them...but its a magical flower indeed!

  10. What a gorgeous dahlia you have. Once again I'm reminded of how far ahead you are in seasonal growth. Ours are not showing any signs of buds yet, but look healthy and green in the garden. They bloom for such a long time and come in so many wonderful colours and shapes. Love them.
    You must be getting so excited about your upcoming trip!

  11. The Dahlie is a wonderful flower.
    I've planted seven different tubers in my garden and now we're showing their first green shoots... I'm excited :-)) and I'm looking forward to the flowers.
    A warm greeting to you from Viola.

  12. In some ways I wish I could be in England for the Jubilee, what a special celebration.
    I absolutely love dahlias in the garden. The ones from past years are just beginning to show their leaves. We planted three new ones that haven't come up yet, but I can't wait. The first time I was introduced to dahlias was in my aunts garden. My aunt would enter them and win blue ribbons in the county fair. She would have me and cousins out in the garden helping her sometimes in the hot summers, but it did give me an appreciation for dahlias. My aunt was my inspiration for gardens and creativity.

  13. I remember we had a tree Dahlia when I was a kid! So impressive!


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