Thursday, May 26, 2022

Glorious Garden Days -

First I must just say that nothing we can write will take away from the
 horrific happening in Texas this week. Our hearts are heavy with grief, 
broken from sorrow, and full of great sadness for so many families and
 friends of the departed little children, their teachers and others still
 fighting to survive their injuries. Home and school is where we always
 hoped our children would be safe. Sadly, far too many times now, we
 have come to realize there really is nowhere completely safe
 for anyone.

  This week has been another busy time in the garden, much to do before
we go overseas. I'm just sharing a few photos here after some heavy rain
early in the week followed by cloudy, cooler days which have made such
a huge difference in growth of flowering plants and shrubs.
Note the late Easter lilies are now in bloom and the gardenia's perfume is
filling the air. Clematis, rhododendron, roses, hosta, and my favorite
blue hydrangeas are blooming and adding color to all that greenery!

Yesterday we mulched the front beds. Note the new, quite large and
 heavy, stone rabbits flopped by the bird bath - recent fun gift from a friend.
The waiting empty pots will be planted up with Summer herbs when we
 return from England, just too much work to expect someone to water them
 daily if it's stifling hot whilst we're away!

My bout with food poisoning is hopefully over after 11 days!  Eating is still
 requiring care and hesitancy when deciding what to add back into my diet.
  Have to say, bland steamed white rice has become a delicacy. . . . . . . who 
would have thought that possible!

Stay well. Enjoy nature. Be grateful. 


  1. Dearest Mary,
    So glad that you seem to have shed that nasty bout of food poisoning.
    Let's hope it will leave you alone from now on!
    Oh, the heavy rain, here as well and today severe thunderstorms.
    The weeds grow fast 😉 but at times we can't win.
    Enjoy your final full week home and when I return, you are about to 'wing' out...

    1. Wish we could travel together - some day perhaps, one never knows what this crazy world might offer!!!!

  2. So glad to hear that things are returning to normal as far as health is concerned. Wonderful garden photos.

  3. So glad you are feeling better, Mary. That was a terrible bout of food poisoning for you. Your garden is looking delightful. Blue hydrangeas are also a favourite of mine, but with our much cooler than normal spring they are far from blooming. The new bunnies by the bird bath are a fun addition to your garden. Hugs, Lorrie

    1. Still being careful Lorrie - taking daughter to an Irish pub tonight for her 55th birthday, but I won't be eating fish 'n chips which are so good there!
      The garden is looking lovely - don't know why we're going to leave it at this time of year! Just want to get home to see my remaining family - it's been 3 years!!!!!!

  4. Where in the UK are you going?Barbarax

    1. Home to Torquay, Devon. Are you in the UK Barbara?

  5. It is always a delight to visit your garden, Mary. Perhaps even more so now in light of this latest school shooting. I am trying hard to understand how after ten years since Sandy Hook we haven't made any progress in terms of solving this issue. I can't help but wonder how any family ever recovers from something this horrible.
    I can imagine how excited you must be to be returning to your family in the UK and being able to travel once again. Your bout with food poisoning sounds awful. I do hope it has now run it's course.

    1. What sad moments life brings at times Kim, and even more sad is that they are happening more often. The world is not a happy, safe place.
      Thanks for the good wishes, good health is so important. . . . . . .and necessary for comfortable travel!
      I'm just looking at your hydrangeas again - they look so healthy and beautiful, and I know how much you love them!

  6. Glad you are better! Your garden looks lovely. Enjoy your trip.

  7. I'm delighted that you are feeling more 'human' now Mary. What a beautiful collage of colour in your garden. Like Lorrie, my blue hydrangea is ony just thinking about blooming. You are well ahead.

    1. Thanks Barbara - as you know, it's a lot of work but is does pay off eventually.
      Thinking of you X

  8. agreed! But how different are the two themes. Mass murders are about guns, brutality, end of life, right wing politics and no hope for the future. Gardens are about growth, good health, family pleasure and great beauty.

    1. I could spend my life in a lovely garden - perhaps the old English version with walls around for protection!!!

  9. Good to know you are better, but wise of you to still be cautious. You don‘t want to jeopardise your England trip!
    As always, your garden looks lovely.

    1. I'm thankful we stayed here with the garden around us during the pandemic - I would never have managed in a place with no outdoor space to roam free, and feel safe! I'm remaining cautious as you suggest, still nowhere near 100%, and have now dropped 81/2 pounds - at least that part feels good!

  10. What a thoughtful gift of stone rabbits.
    Your garden is gorgeous and way ahead of ours.
    I love seeing your garden.

  11. The garden looks glorious! I love the rabbits! Sorry to hear the food poisoning lasted so long!


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