Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn in Southwest France

Yesterday I heard from my family in France. The weather is changing with a chill in the night air, and cooler days. Like here, they also had a very hot, dry Summer causing the potager to struggle meaning some veggies didn't do as well as usual.

I always enjoy going back to look through images I captured while strolling through the Minervois countryside in October 2008.  Sometimes it feels so long ago, other times it's just like yesterday.

I know the harvest must be underway in the vineyards right now, the large bunches of juicy grapes ready to become the delicious wines of the region.

Ancient farm buildings turned into comfortable homes, often by newcomers into this now favorite area of southwestern France, are displaying fiery Autumn ivy.

Wild clematis - in England we called it Old Man's Beard - perhaps someone knows a French name for it - clambers over fence posts and stone walls.
Summer's end brings Autumn's glory across the landscape.

I'm betting these berries become a feast for hungry birds.

John and Alison - October 2008

My brother and sister-in-law, far away from a former life in busy, noisy London, now strolling through the beautiful vineyards near their village in the Minervois.  Not difficult to guess which lifestyle is the better one..........

My family's beautiful home near Carcassonne offers Bed and Breakfast - contact me if you plan to travel to this area and would like details.


  1. Beautiful photographs and I have no trouble guessing which lifestyle is better. Having been a city girl for years, I am a complete convert no having transformed during my time in Cornwall to a country mouse. I find the quieter, slower pace of village life suits me.

  2. Wish I were going to France, I'd love to stay there. Very pretty. I thought those were wild roses. Enjoyed your post,


  3. I love this time of the year! Waiting for the colors to really start to take here. As you can see...I didn't make it your way on Friday. Already had plans for that day. I am getting ready to take a cruise with my sister next week. After I get back I will be in touch. You really should come to Oxford and go the the lace outlet. I think you could get some good backdrops for your shop!

  4. Gorgeous shots. I love what you've done with them!

  5. Hi Mary, Your photograghs are just beautiful. Thank you for taking me to South West France this Monday morning. *hugs*

  6. I love the conversion from utility building to home. Gorgeous. Everything about these pictures transports me on mental vacation. Thank you, I needed it. Hugs. Tammy

  7. Good morning Mary. This post is so beautiful who wouldn't want to visit there. If we do get a chance to go I would definitely stay in your family's B&B. It is lovely.

    I sent you an email Mary. I know you don't always check that site.

    I love the previous posts about your booth and the gorgeous pumpkins. The colors are so perfect for your French Country look.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Love and hugs, Jeanne xo

  8. Oh, if I could only go there..... Carla

  9. Mary,
    Your photos are truly works of art. One week from today, we will be in Tuscany and I expect it will feel nearly the same as Provence. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. They need to be framed! ~Delores

  10. I would love to be planning a trip! The photos are amazing...and give my wanderlust! Enjoy your week! ♥

  11. It was just one year ago that we drove through this beautiful village. Oh how I wish I were there right now. It is so beautiful. I love watching my little pumpkins in the garden and remembering buying the pumpkin in the countryside that provided us with the beauties we have now.

  12. Such a beautiful area Mary. I remember in Germany the vines climbing the buildings with that fiery red color too. Sigh...would love to explore all those beautiful places.
    See ya!

  13. Beautiful post of France Mary! I dream to one day see France and how fortunate you are to have family there. I"m jealous!!!
    I love your new photo header it is beautiful!!

    Thank you so much for your caring comments regarding the passing of my Kachina. I wish she lived 21yrs like yours. She was a doll. The best cat ever so greatful to us for rescuing her. She is so missed.

    Pamela xo

  14. Mary, we hope to get to France next year. Perhaps we'll get back to the south. We haven't planned our trip as yet. Your family's B&B looks amazing.


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