Saturday, October 23, 2010

Last of the lavender......

Autumn brings bunches of lavender, freshly dried once the heat of Summer is past.  At the ScreenDoor in Asheville there was a delightful booth filled with fragrant lavender offerings.

I couldn't resist buying a couple of bunches, one for a friend, and one to place here.......above my kitchen sink.

More lavender bunches, exquisite crystal chandelier.........

.......delicate lavender sachets to tuck in drawers or a pillow case.

Clean wrapped bars of sweet smelling lavender soap.

An expensive ticket to Provence not really required (but of course if you have the opportunity go, it's so beautiful there!).  A trip to many places right here in the USA offer beautiful lavender in all its many perfumed forms.


  1. Oh how beautiful...I can just imagine the lovely fragrance..wish I could join you & get a sachet of those today!


  2. Oh how great! I too LOVE Lavender!! I just moved so I have been redistributing all mine! Enjoy the mountains!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. I've just been taking all the dried flowwers off my lavender. It's been gradually drying in paper bags for a while. Soon I'll be using it in my Christmas present making.

  4. I can just imagine the lovely perfume! Great post, thank you for sharing

  5. I love the smell of lavender and I treasure the little sachets you sent me. Very sweet post!


  6. That shop looks so gorgeous. I feel like I could spend hours there. Love the lavender.


  7. Hi Mary, You know I love lavender. Your pictures are impressive. Actually, stunning. I wish I was there to shop, shop, and shop some more. My favorites are, well, all of them. I love the huge beautifully shaped jar filled with the sachets. I also love the soaps! I must remember to visit you more often. *hugs*

  8. That was such lovely lavender there. If we hadn't been leaving for Florida I would've gotten some.

  9. One can never have too much lavender!!

  10. For some reason I can't grow it.. I am mad for
    Yardleys lavender soap. We always had it as I
    was growing up. Yes in Texas 1940's That company
    also has a rose soap. Devine...

  11. I adore the fragrance of lavender. I use it about the house. ~ Sarah

  12. AAahhh...the scent of fragrant Lavender! I still need to go back and get some! I did receive a small bag from a friend this week! You take such beautiful photos, Mary! Your blog is beautiful! ♥


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