Thursday, October 21, 2010

Europe comes to Asheville

Entrance to the ScreenDoor, Asheville, North Carolina

I so loved everything in this space at the ScreenDoor, always my favorite Asheville antiquing place.  I met the lady who owns these lovely treasures and she told me there is also a shop in Black Mountain, which unfortunately we didn't have time to visit during our busy Saturday.  Would have stopped there Sunday on the way home but it wasn't open. 

Gorgeous linens................

........interesting vintage photos and art........

......................adorable tiny loveseat, or perhaps large bergere chair, upholstered in linen.  Wish I had a corner for this piece!

Speaking of corners, do you have any spare ones?  I'm discovering, after all these years, the cottage lacks corners!  With small rooms and nice size windows, corners are almost non-existent.  There's a fabulous painted corner cupboard for sale at SuzAnna's, very Swedish-looking which of course blends in so well with French...........sorry, must run and leave you now to look for a corner, somewhere!!!


  1. What a beautiful loveseat! Going shopping with Luna. Love, Vanessa

  2. Mary, what a fantastic place with FABULOUS things :o) The linens are wonderful - looks like a great quilted throw underneath, and I too love the seat.
    Do I have any spare corners? Errm...NO, nor much wall space. My husband says if I put another nail in (any of) the walls the house will fall down! However, I can always find a little room somewhere for something I REALLY want :o) (Just off to put a sturdy hook up for a mirror I found yesterday. LOL)

  3. What a lovely shop. I have been to Ashville several times and have only visited the Biltmore. Next time I must spend more time and visit the village and the shops.
    Herbal Hugs, Mandy

  4. Gorgeous photographs! This shop looks right up my alley. I love the linens and the adorable settee.
    Hugs, Sherry

  5. Everything in this post is yummy! I could use a few more corners around here. I've always wanted a corner cabinet. ;-)

  6. It's been too long since I've been to Asheville. I always love hunting around those shops and I've so enjoyed these posts!

    And as for corners... our cottage is an old one, so yes, we have lots of delicious corners!

  7. More lovely things from that wonderful day. thanks for showing them Mary.


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