Friday, October 8, 2010

My Autumn Pumpkins....

Told you so. 
No screaming orange for me!

Yes, Sam's pumpkins were big, bold and brilliant.......but tucked away in the back of the truck were a few special beauties for me!

Creamy white, soft tan.......and this delightful dusty green one, creased and speckled.......from a local pumpkin patch and so fresh the stalk is still pliable.

Looking clean and simple.  Perfect tucked in my French dough bowl, another in an old wash bowl.

Do you grow pumpkins or buy them?  How about Halloween, do you carve those orange giants to light the way for your neighborhood ghouls and goblins?


  1. I tried growing pumpkins, but wasn't successful. However, I went to Half Moon Bay, the pumpkin capital of California and found some beauties like you have featured. Don't you just love the white ones? And pale green ones? Lovin' your blog Mary!

  2. The plae coloured pumpkins are lovely, I especially like the plale green one.

  3. I love your more mellow looking pumpkins. I buy mine-going to wait until we are back in Paris to find some.

  4. What AMAZING pumpkins! Love the speckled varieties.

  5. Love your pumpkins. My husband just walked by and he liked the way you were displaying them, me too! I have one pretty white one on a bench on the porch. The French (3) pumpkins are still in the garden, but I think need to be picked soon.

  6. Shoot, I missed the green ones! Love the new chair in the booth!!

  7. I like your pumpkins much better than the usual. Wonderful colors and textures.


  8. Mary, I buy my pumpkins. ;-) In recent years I've bought the white ones. This year I bought white and also one of the green and a couple of terra cotta colored pumpkins. It's fun to have a choice. These are lovely in your home. ~ Sarah

  9. Always love your I buy pumpkins and just sit them on the porch. I don't even carve them anymore. But love to see them all decorated for Halloween as we drive around the neighborhood!

    xoxo Gert

  10. Beautiful pumpkins! And the dough bowl is gorgeous. I don't decorate for Halloween, however, I do decorate for fall...and there are always a few pumpkins in the mix! Carla

  11. Glad I found your blog and beautiful pictures you posted. I need a Raven. The french dough bowl is great with pumpkins.
    Have a fun day,

  12. Those Pumpkins are wonderful, everything looks great.


  13. Wow! Truly unique colors! I have not found any like that around here. Guess I better be on the look out for some. They definitely look really nice in your place. Lori & I bought, yes, I know, the orange ones as she has to have one every year to set out. Later on I might roast the seeds. Hope you have a great day!
    Take Care,

  14. so glad i found your blog. love the visual asthetic--just gorgeous. cool pumpkins.


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