Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pink Saturday

I'm not into displaying modern art in my home, however when I worked in art and advertising I was taught to appreciate all art forms.  I have to admit this print above caught my eye because of the murky (I love murky, dirty, dusky colors!) shades of pink, and the couple's hats.  I love cloche hats on women and real country squire type caps on gentlemen - not that guys in ball caps can't be gentlemen too of course!  Beautiful length of perfect pink damask fabric hanging nearby.

Gosh, the weeks fly by don't they?  I've missed several Pink Saturdays recently, just too many things going on.  This weekend I'm actually away again, at the North Carolina coast, but I prepared a few glimpses of pink for you before heading for the blue ocean!

A warm looking rosy pink blankie for snuggling while tooting your horn!

Another popular collectible, the washbowl and pitcher set, this one very pink and pretty.

Pink roses on china, always, always loved and enjoyed.

All these lovely pink items I spied for sale in dealers' booths at SuzAnna's Antiques in the past week.

Hope your Pink Saturday is a fun day.  Remember to visit Beverly, our hostess at How Sweet the Sound, where you'll enjoy more pink posts.


  1. Happy Birthdays to you both Mary and Jasmin.
    So sorry no card this year, as you may have read, My hard drive packed up and I've lost all my diary data including birthdays, phone numbers and many addresses.
    I can replace it but it takes time but even though I missed the day, you know I love you both and send my best wishes to you.
    Enjoy your weekend at the beach - you have more holidays than anyone I know. Yep, I'm jealous LOL.
    Your photos get better and better Mary, some are really professional - what camera are you using. I guess an SLR?
    BTW, Mike fancies and Ipad - what do you think about them?
    Love to Bob as well of course

  2. I really like that print too, something so appealing about it. I love all sorts of hats! I hope that all of you are having a wonderful time, and eating lots of seafood! Yum!!

  3. All so pretty Mary. I'd have a hard time choosing a favourite.

  4. Loved your pictures. The first pitcher and bowl looks like one my grandmother had and now my brother has it. Have fun at the coast.

  5. Hi friends - can't begin to tell you how gorgeous it is at the coast this weekend!
    Awoke this morning to sunrise, pelicans hunting for breakfast - and a huge surfing contest!

    from my iPad

  6. Beautiful pinks today. I love the washbowls and pitchers.

  7. I love the painting, too...for the same reasons you described! It would go well in my home. And I want the blankets, all of them!
    So happy you are having a good time on the coast. It sounds like a good break!


  8. Hi Mary, I too love the art with the man and woman. It is very appealing with the dusty pink colors. All your pinks catch my eye today. It was fun and sweet of you to post while you are away. I hope you are having a wonderful time.
    Have a safe trip home.
    Love, Jeanne xo

  9. I always love your pink Saturdays! hugs, Janna

  10. Love your pinks today, but also loving some greens and blues too. Some pretty teacups behind that bowl and pitcher and pretty green small plates in another picture. Hope you are having a totally delightful weekend.

  11. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Mary. I am glad you are enjoying your trip to the beach.

    so many lovely pinks today. I love the dusky colors in the art piece, too.

  12. You've got some great antiques there-Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Glad you made it back to pink saturday. Hope you are having a great time on your trip. Love all your photos. We bagged 21 large bags of leaves this weekend...uch lots of work but glad it's done. Have a great week. Debbie

  14. I'm trying to see if this will post. Forgive the duplicate if this occurs; love the pictures. Great shots, can't wait to see more. I'm going pink --- Yeah!!

  15. Mary
    This is your birthday month according to your profile so Happy Birthday . It says scorpio so that is November just like me.
    I read your blog accross the pond and enjoyed it also.Just wanted to say Happy Birthday



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