Friday, October 22, 2010

Playing shop...........

Vanessa and I are like kids in a candy shop........playing with our doodads, moving things about, hammering more nails, sweeping up the floor, and making decisions.  'Fluff the booth' day this week.  After last weekend's very busy Open House there was lots to do.........we thank the many people who came by, especially those who made a purchase. 

We moved the right to the left knowing that items seen from another view sometimes look new and fresh.  While I was out of town hobnobbing with the huge bunch of fabulous blogging friends, Vanessa was busy painting more chairs.

We brought in a few new things for the table knowing Holidays are looming closer, cooking, baking and serving loved ones will take up a lot of time.

A child's adorable wicker chair, a baby book, a print of children playing.

The Halloween pumpkins sold.  The witch has gone somewhere new to scare the trick or treaters.  The ravens are still perched with their not for sale stickers............but perhaps I'll sell them as next year we're certain to come up with something new!

All Autumn decor will be removed from dealers' booths by November 15, then it's time to add Christmas items.  We need to get our thinking caps on and decide what to display.  This shopkeeping life keeps one busy and there's not much time left to actually play in the candy shop after all!


  1. The shop looks wonderful! I'm so happy the way it turned out! Thank you dear for all the good work and help!! Love, Vanessa

  2. You have a real flare for display. The shop is lovely. I'd love to come in and visit.


  3. Your shop looks like a place I would love to spend time in....perfect!

  4. ...Oh! but what FUN! It all looks so lovely!

    Sorry that I haven't stopped by yet. I'm having a hard enough time staying in Raleigh!!


  5. It sounds like you are having so much fun! I hope to get to travel to your area soon and stop by! Carla

  6. It just gets better and better! Your style and flair shouts out from the booth, congratulations to both you and Vanessa.

  7. I love looking at pictures of your shop. In spite of it being a lot of work, it must be so much fun, puttering about, moving things around, preparing for a new season. Oh, how I'd love to visit!


  8. So very lovely every single photo. I found I wanted to look closer in all the knooks of the photo. Beautifully decorated. Hugs. Tammy

  9. Such fabulous stuff. It must feel great when someone buys something and you know they love it as much as you did. Best success.

  10. Mary, it's such fun to see more of your shop. Love that table full of white ironstone pieces. I know this must be fun for you and Vanessa. ~ Sarah

  11. I have seen so many wonderful things at the shop. You and Vanessa are doing such a great job, and I wish the two of you much success!
    Take Care,


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