Monday, October 4, 2010

Come on down.......

Just because you think you're not into antiques doesn't mean you wouldn't love SuzAnna's Antiques shop!  They're coming from all over to visit this wonderful destination in Raleigh, North Carolina.

 If you love vintage, you'll find plenty of it here.  So much fun hunting.........great buys.

Tortoiseshell....embroidery....vintage fans.

 I even see another hen-on-nest on the that's a great one if you're really into neutrals or black and white with a punch of red!  Sometimes I don't notice everything until I come home and play with my photos!

 Were you ever a 'handi-hostess'?  That sounds so sixties to me..........when a brunch concoction named Cheese Strata was big, and of course cocktail meatballs in a beer-based sauce, anyone recall that one? 

 Lots of vintage kitchen stuff.

 You vintage gals just know you see things you love here.............

 ...............and here!

 Linen, lace......and leather!

 Vintage clothes for the slender - yeah, let's face it girls, they DID have small waistlines back then!
China of every description, but for me the display cabinet is awesome....if only I had somewhere to put it!

They're waiting for you, the nicest group of antiques and vintage lovers, Susie, Jenny, Gail, and others who will help you find things for your home, garden, and self.........just wait until you see the jewels!  While visiting, you may bump into several of the fabulous dealers who are always restocking their booths with treasures......Vanessa and I will even try to meet you there at our booth if you let us know you're coming!


  1. Someday...someday, I will get there!


  2. What a wonderful assortment of beauties Mary. If I were up to it I would come to Raleigh just to visit you. I still serve the cocktail sausage balls with lemon pepper jelly. I see several things I have like you. One taplecloth andmy mom's cheese grater. Blessings to you and Suzanna.

  3. I wish I could run right over and shop, or at the very least drool.

  4. Are you and Vanessa keeping regular shop hours, or is SuzAnna minding the store, and you're just there by happenstance? It's a bit of a haul for me to go to Raleigh, but now that it's no longer 95 degrees all the time it might be possible.

  5. Mary, I love it when you take us through more of these treasures. Seeing those little shoes all lined up reminds me of my latest collection that was begun Wednesda at Round Top. I purchased two different little bronze baby shoes. The dealer had a bowl filled with them. I was smitten at first glance. It was difficult to just pick two, but that was all the budget allowed. This was at Marburger where dealers are proud of their offerings. Then if lady luck didn't shine on me later that night at Warrenton. I found two more. At just a few dollars a piece I figure the average cost of my little budding collection is quite reasonable. LOL

  6. I sure will! Would be such pleasure to meet our lovely blogger readers! Lovely seeing you today dear!

  7. This was a great trip through the shop.
    Wish I was there to look some more.
    You have a fasinating shop.


  8. me the address for SuzAnna's place. Not sure where it is but bet I can find it!

  9. It appears there is something that would appeal to anyone. I see a lot of things I like.

    I'm always trying to get rid of things in our home. Another yard sale is in my future.

  10. Thanks Mary. I know Durant Road. My daughter use to work at Durant Elementary. Are you at the shop any certain days? I just may pop over that way. Maybe we could go to lunch when I do.

  11. One day I'll be there! I keep seeing all of these wonderful things, and I think hmmm, maybe I better bring the milk truck!!
    Take Care,


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