Friday, July 1, 2011

Grrrr, I'm angry...........

Just when Google, Blogger, e-mail, the Internet, and your ISP all seem to be working well, something happens to make one wonder is it all worth it! 

Life sure gets prickly at times.

Yes, I have a bone to pick, it's with Playlist.  

If you have Playlist on your blog as I do, or use it elsewhere to listen to your favorite music, you too must have heard the annoying audio ads now interrupting the music tracks.  For me it started this week and, from the forums I've checked out, a LOT of people are fuming over this.  Playlist was ad free, however, like any business out to make money, they too have gone the way of others by cashing in and using us to do it. I have never given permission to run ads on my personal space. They certainly aren't planning to pay me anything for using my web site.  I might be prepared to pay Playlist a reasonable fee for ad-free usage, but this doesn't seem to be an option at this time.

Come on Playlist, be nice and treat us better than this.

How do you feel about these ads? Are you annoyed enough to stay away from a blog, mine included?  Or, will you just turn the music off when an audio ad pops up?  

Are you going to remove your own Playlist?  I am considering doing this, however, I will miss playing my soothing tunes if and when I want a little background music while blogging. I've never had ads or any type on my blog and I'm not comfortable at all with them sneaking in via Playlist.

Right now I'm way out on a limb trying to decide what to do about all this nonsense.

What a tangled mess this 'worldwide web' has become.  
Feedback will be appreciated while I decide what to do, thanks.

All birds photographed in Africa last year during my safari adventure.


  1. Mary, Your pictures are fabulous! And fit appropriately with your post. I do love your music choices (I am actually listening now) , it is very soothing. I do, however, usually keep the sound turned down on my computer because some choices on other sites are not so soothing and I have my own music playing. I understand how you feel, I have purposefully avoided ads on my site. Good luck! I've not heard an ad while on this morning.

    Hugs, Bonnie

  2. Lovely bird photographs Mary. I was angry with Blogger yesterday as I could not get on to my blog all day - it kept telling me it was a Bad Request. It is so frustrating.

  3. Hi Mary,
    Fabulous shots of the African birds and so apropos this post.
    For some reason I haven't ever been able to hear the music on your playlist whilst I read your blog.
    I can't place a Playlist on my own blog for reasons of copyright, I think, so maybe that's why I can't hear yours.
    Re the ads: I think it's wrong of Playlist to use blogs this way and if I had one (!) I would probably cancel it.

  4. That's really too bad, Mary. I'll be turning the sound off when ads pop up.

  5. Love your photos too Mary.
    I have to admit I ALWAYS have the sound muted, all the dings and pings off the laptop on start up drive me nuts! But,if I did have it on the ads would drive me nuts too.....

  6. 'Out Of Africa' is playing right now .... I would be heartbroken to have missed it.

  7. Mary, love your photos!! I mainly check my blog at work and I have the sound muted, so the ads won't affect me only if I check out my blog buddies at home. Have a fantastic 4th!!

  8. you should be a photographer Mary or sell your photographs, they are amazing! i especially love the second last photo, bird with beautiful turquoise pink feathers.

  9. I must admit that I didn't realise that you have a Playlist on your blog as, like Rose H I always have the sound muted unless I actually want to listen to something. If it was me I'd take Playlist off if they are using it for ads.

  10. I keep the sound turned down on my computer in any event. If the ads on your selections were too obnoxious, I'd just turn off the sound, but would prefer not to eliminate your lovely blog.

  11. I love your blog and music, but in general HATE blogs with music. I don’t want to listen to [most other people’s choices] it when I am reading blogs. In those cases, I read the blogs through Google Reader, where I don’t get the music (but miss the headers, etc.). Sometimes I will need go to the blog itself to see a picture better or because a blog’s pictures don’t show up in my reader (I don’t know why that happens) and end up having to “fight” the music (where do I turn it OFF?) I tend to avoid or unsubscribe from blogs with music in general.

    I guess what I am saying is that it is “shades of gray”. You don’t want their ads forced on you. I don’t want your music (not yours specifically, but other bloggers) forced on me.

    JMHO. But Mary, you are the exception! I love ya, gal.... your pictures, writing, even your music!!


  12. That beautiful jeweled bird in the next to last photo - heavenly! What a great picture that is.

    Re playlists, I don't have one and when I visit blogs that do I keep the sound off. I do enjoy music very much, but not when I'm reading....that being said, I hate ads that interrupt like you are describing and for your sake and others, wish Playlist would return to what they were designed for - playing music!

  13. Mary...your photo's are amazing as always!!! Glad you let us know they were birds from Africa..I was about to get my bird book out to figure out what kind they

    I'm like you, I wouldn't like to have ads on my 'free' playlists either.. Hopefully they will listen to peoples complaints.

    Happy Fourth!!

    xoxo Gert

  14. Often I turn off the music even without ads. For sure I would turn it off with ads. I come to read blogs for my relaxation and sometimes I just need the quiet.

  15. I loved seeing all the birds! No, I don't have playlist, thought about it, but like everyone else they all want to "cash in". I do enjoy your choice of music!


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