Thursday, July 21, 2011

To market, to market.........

I only planted a few herbs, such as basil, this season after returning from England.  Being away for the usual Summer planting of vegetables, and then returning to daily temperatures already in the 90's, we just gave up on vegetable gardening.  Rain has been almost non-existent - playing 'farm chick' was not a priority this year for me.  Do I feel guilty? YES! Am I missing fresh from my garden veggies?  You bet I am.

 Sadly, my lush green lawn has turned into a hay field. My pretty Italian parsley has gone to seed very early.  I'm leaving it for the butterflies to lay their eggs, and then feed the hungry caterpillars later as they crunch ravenously along the stems.
I think the parsley flowers are pretty. Anything that will battle the heat and stay green, or at least greenish, is welcome in the garden.

I'm really missing growing vegetables this Summer
so this is where you'll find me 
headed to local Farmers' Markets and roadside farm stands.........

............for Swiss Chard, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cukes, eggplants, haricot vert, zucchini, and Summer squash..............all those fresh, wonderful veggies which aren't outside the back door this year.

How are your veggies doing this Summer?


  1. Our fresh vegetables and fruits are all from the local farmer's markets too. The Texas peaches have been fabulous! ~ Sarah

  2. I'm haunting the markets so far because our garden is far behind where it should be. We just haven't had enough warm weather and sunshine yet!

  3. We're picking a lot from the garden still, though the intense heat of May hasnt done our Broad beans any good at all. But courgettes, tomatoes, cucmbers...lots!

  4. Everything in my gardens is looking a little crispy and it is mostly all in the shade. I am very discouraged! Hugs!

  5. Hi Mary, I am in the same boat. We couldn't plant until we came home from Maine. Beverly's hubs laughed at us as we put in some tomatoes, peppers and squash. He said they will grow but will not bear fruit. They are NOT looking too healthy at the moment. Thank goodness for the farmer's market.

    When are you leaving for CA. We will be in Raleigh starting the 25th of Sept. for a week. I hope we can connect Mary. It seems an impossible dream doesn't it?
    Stay cool Mary. That means don't go outside. HA!

    Love, Jeanne

  6. I remember the wonderful Farmers; Market in Toronto some years ago - superb produce and those fascinating fiddle shoots which I later had in my evening meal and they were delicious.

  7. Tomatoes in pots on the deck are doing OK, as long I remember to dump water on them every evening. Producing some tasty, if modestly sized, fruits. Basil bolted early and needs constant pinching-off. It, too, is tasty, but a bit tough from being too hot.

  8. lovely to see you Mary! i do love basil also, i sowed some lemon basil and they grow quite fast. herbs are just wonderful.

    p.s. did you received my e-mail about the parcel?


  9. Hi Mary
    Even though we live in a country village we only have a farmers market once a month :o( I'm glad you're able to get good vegetables locally. I do grow some vegetables in my tiny garden and have just started picking my favourite runner beans, wish I could share them with you!
    Than you for your lovely comment, I'm still getting my regular visitor each night and occasionally two - but one night I had three at once! I'm going to get a 'hogitat' house and place it in a sheltered spot under the black and red current bushes and keep my fingers crossed.
    Have a great weekend.
    Rose H

  10. Our garden is looking good. In Oregon we plant late May, so we were able to plant after we returned from our trip. If we get some sun we will have tons of tomatoes. Have swiss chard, tons of garlic, squash and pumpkins are beginning to bloom, and lettuce. I would miss a garden very much too. Ours is small, but we enjoy it.

  11. I miss having my own tomatoes but I don't miss the hard work of gardeing.

  12. All Tom planted this year was tomatoes and some green peppers. However, the local deer have been eating the tops off the plants:( He is not a happy camper!! But we do have some fresh basil that I can step out the back door and

    xoxo Gert

  13. Hi Mary!
    I just planted herbs this year..basil, parsley , oregano. They are doing so well too.
    You would love our weather . Today was around 75 degrees and sunny! Just a lovely day finally!

    Pamela xo

  14. So that is what parsley looks like, gone to seed. I agree, it is pretty! Too bad about the heat this year; let's hope next year will be different!


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