Friday, July 15, 2011

Faded beauty.................

The Stargazer lilies...........................

.............are fading now.

The heat, and lack of rain, are taking their toll........they've been watered with the garden hose almost daily in this hot weather, but what they craved was 'pennies from heaven' or 'cats and dogs' type raindrops.

The butterflies are now moving on to the Buddleia davidii (butterfly) bushes........funnily enough though, the bumble bees still seem to be enjoying the fading lilies.


  1. Beautiful pictures Mary! We are getting a good balance of sunshine and rain so far this summer. The flower beds and veggie gardens are lush. Sadly, we've had some damaging hail in parts of the province that ruined the potato crop on farms where potatoes are their livlihood. McCain Foods, in Florenceville, NB, is one of the world's largest processors of frozen foods and these farmers sell their crops to them and other markets. Such is life when the weather turns bad. I hope you have some cooling rains soon. Blessings, Pamela

  2. What stunning photos, Mary! I love the butterfly.

    I finished Secret Daughter yesterday...loved it! The last line "My name is Asha..." brought the tears, and I really wished I could see what the rest of the letter said. I wanted to hear that they were able to meet.... It's always a sign of a good story when it sticks with you once you close the covers of the book. Thanks again for your generosity.

  3. Oh take the most georgous pictures of anyone I know!! smile... I love this butterfly...amazing!!!

    Hope you are able to stay cool during this 'hot' summer...

    xoxo Gert

  4. Lovely photos as always - we finally had a little rain during the night but not enough so far to do much good. My buddleia is flowering too and I keep getting drifts of the wonderful honey scent. No butterflies so far, there aren't many about this year I think the harsh winter and the dry spring has affected the numbers.

  5. My Oriental ones never even bloomed this year. Way too hot. However, my Tiger Lilies did bloom so they added some color. Today we are getting a gentle rain which we also had yesterday so maybe you might get some too! At least our butterflies will be happy with the butterfly bush!
    Hugs to both of you!
    Take Care,

  6. If we could have some of your heat and sunshine and you could have some of our rain we'd both be happy gardeners! It's raining cats 'n dogs up here - my dripping coat is hanging in the mudroom after my 0630 dash outside with the dog. I may have to light a fire today or at least turn on the heat - not fair in July!

  7. Lovely, stunning pictures. No stargazers here, and the day lilies are mostly gone by, but the bees are loving the bee balm, lavender and echinachea.

  8. Beautiful photos! Love the color of the daylilies.

  9. Stunning photos, Mary. Hot here too. Not much can bloom. Things are just hanging on. Including me when I have to be outside. LOL ~ Sarah

  10. I do hope you have a break in the heat. Lovely photos. Our stargazers are just buds, still anticipating the opening and beauty.


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