Wednesday, July 27, 2011 treasure hunting venue

Isn't this an adorable location for a shop selling antiques, vintage, and treasures galore?  

Introducing VIGNETTE.

It's located in the Vintage Village, next to SuzAnna's Antiques.............and the owners are the lovely Gail and Laurie, both of whom worked at, and had booths, at SuzAnna's - so we know them and love them lots!  When this cute building became available, and because they have SO MUCH fabulous stuff to share, they decided to dive in and start their own business. The building owner added the great covered front porch for them and they've been open about three weeks.  

Of course the heatwave has not been fun, and setting up VIGNETTE was hard, back breaking work in the hot sun for the gals, but I just know cooler days in late Summer and Fall will be bringing back the treasure hunters in droves.

Later I'll be bringing more pics of the great things Gail and Laurie offer - currently there's a farm table inside I'd give my right arm for!
Meanwhile, good luck sweet gals - we're so glad to have you in town.


  1. How Cute is that?! I spied a pretty pink chandelier hanging from the porch and I love the pale green tool tote. Lovely treasures. So, the heatwave lingers? Wow. It's so cool here and rainy this morning. I'm in jeans and hoodie. :-) Have great day Mary. Stay cool!

  2. My goodness - such a lot of interesting places near where you live. I know every one of the places within reach of Pondside and there are fewer than 10. Not much picking and choosing possible and the prices are high.

  3. I love the green chair, and so much more.

  4. This is so quaint, Mary. Another reason to visit Raleigh!!


  5. I think that place is calling me....

  6. That looks fabulous Mary! Pass on my good wishes for a successful business venture :o)

  7. I saw in your past posts about books that you had some old French books, like one by Emile Verharen. You are lucky as I find it very difficult to find old French books around here – most of them are the books students buy for French lessons, always the same and they are underlined. When I go to France I try to bring some back, but they are heavy. Last May I bought about 8 and I read 4 already! I try to read some in English in between so they won’t disappear too fast.

    You take beautiful close-up pictures. I wish I could but I don’t have a macro lens. I liked your butterfly picture.

  8. What a darling shop, Mary. I wish them great success. But, you are right about it being too hot to shop.

    I lobe your new header - stunning!

  9. I would love visiting there, how cute for sure. I wish them great success in their new business.


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