Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cruising where?

Want to join in a little guessing game?
If you have some free time over the holiday, after parades, cookouts, swimming parties and such, and are just kicking back with family and friends, cool drink in hand, Atlas at the ready of's a way to have a little fun involving your geography skills.........always a good way to keep the kiddies thinking too!

Hey, its time for a cool looking photo - being on the water is the only perfect place on a hot Summer day!  Unfortunately I'm landlocked this holiday weekend, but later I'll be on the move again........and this will be my awesome mode of travel.

A small prize* if you can guess where I'll be headed in October. Try to name at least four islands I'll visit - whoever comes closest will be the winner.  If several of you name four or more of the islands, I'll toss you in my trusty safari hat, shake you around, gently, and pick a winner!

Your comment with your guess must be left 
on this post only by July 10th please.

I've never 'cruised'. I've crossed the Atlantic by sea to get home to England and back, but never drifted around the tropical Caribbean, sailed through the blue Mediterranean, or up to Alaska to whale watch by ship.  So, my first real cruise adventure is scheduled for October/November this year with my best friend Paula.....who will adventure anywhere on the globe and is taking me with her!

I'm already packing my bag - in my mind!  Paula picks unusual places to visit, and they require unusual clothing much of the forays to the likes of REI, Dick's, Magellan's, and Sierra Trading are requisite.  Some of last year's African safari adventure clothing will be utilized for this trip.

Hope I don't need one of these - orange is NOT my best color! 
May I have a blue one to match my eyes please?

Here are some clues.
  • Long flight to an island where the ship docks
  • This is NOT a Carnival Cruise
  • Only 100 passengers - a crew of 75, including a renowned chef
  • Zodiac boats 
  • Awesome scenery
  • Large birds - in the thousands  
  • Human inhabitants doubtful
  • Water shoes and parkas required, even though it will be Spring
  • Only 500 visitors permitted per year
You may find this difficult, OR because it's a very unusual place to be visiting, it just might be easy to guess where in the world! 

  • Several island landings on the itinerary
  • Many nautical miles from a mainland
  • Will I meet 'the devil'?
  • Not Antarctica!
*Your prize may be something from the natural world, if permitted, or a trinket from a continent thousands of miles from here.  It will be delivered when I regain my land legs after being tossed on cold seas, perhaps avoiding rogue icebergs, and snapping hundreds of pics of Nature in all her unspoiled glory.

Come on, give it a shot.  
Just where in the world will I be cruising? 


  1. Hi Mary, thank you for your comment. I am taking the challenge and guessing the Galapogos Islands. Espanola Island, Punta Espinosa, Isabela, Genovesa.

    This is fun Mary. We are happy to be home but we had a wonderful time in Maine. This is the start of grandkids week. I don't have to tell you we are gluttons for punishment. HA! However, we love this kind of chaos as you know. Smile.

    Time to fix dinner for our gang. Pork loin is on the menu. It is easy the way I fix it.

    Happy fourth of July Mary to you and yours. Stay cool. We will have 25 here on the 4th. More later my friend.
    Love, Jeanne

  2. My guess for Mary and Paula's Excellent Adventure is to the Antipodes -- New Zealand, the Auckland Islands, Campbell Island and Macquarie Island. Talk about a long way from home!

  3. It’s hard to think of where you will be going. I started to cruise in March 2008 and so far have been on 8 cruises. With the clues you gave I might say the islands of New Zealand and Australia? Like the Auckland Islands, Enderby Island, Macquerie Island, the Bounty, Antipodes and Campbell Islands, the Chatham Islands, and Snares Island maybe? All of these are quite remote.

  4. Hello Mary,
    I've been reading "Gert, Tom & Rusty's" blog for a while now and have seen your comments and popped in to your blog from time to time.
    Your guessing game sure got me interested, as I thought it sounded like it might be down in this part of the world (Australia):) It's taken a while, but I reckon I would have to agree with Emm and Vagabonde. Seems like you will be embarking at Aukland, New Zealand and
    visiting Chatham, Bounty, Antipodes, Campbell, Aukland, Macquarie islands disembarking Hobart, Tasmania.
    What a remarkable trip that would be!
    I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to reading reports of your holiday later in the year.
    Have a great day!

  5. No need to include me in the draw. I enjoyed the challenge.

  6. I am guessing Tasmania, Macquarie Island, Dunedin and Paraparaumu....

  7. I'm guessing New Zealand, Enderby, Chatam and Macquarie.

    Sounds exciting!

  8. The devil? Tasmania, of course. And New Zealand maybe?

  9. Hi Mary...well "the devil" brings Tasmania to mind, though my first guess was the Galapagos. That makes two guesses, and I'll add the New Zealand Sub-antarctic islands as the third guess! What amazing scenery in that first photo with the orange jacketed wild and untamed by human civilization. I bet the stars at night there are breathtaking....

  10. Hi Mary
    I'm guessing you could be going to the Galapagos Islands.
    The islands could be:
    San Cristobel
    Santa Cruz
    Santa Fe

    It's just a guess dear Mary and I think it would be very relaxing and interesting!

    Bon voyage

  11. Ah, the Devil hint!
    It's got to be the Galapagos. You lucky duck.
    Perhaps....Major Island, Darwin Island, Fernandina Island, Chinese Hat Island or Hood Island???
    Watch for the Blue-footed Boobies!

  12. My first guess was Patagonia, the the Galapagos. That's as far as I could guess.

  13. Mary, I'm late to the game. I guess Tasmania and the Galapagos Islands.
    Perhaps Tower Island for the birds. Fernandina for some adventure.
    I know it's going to be a wonderful adventure. ~ Sarah

  14. Ah, I missed it, but then I believe I already knew some of it!


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