Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Books and blogging.......

Nothing beats sticking your nose into a really good book.  
Summer reading days have arrived.......and I may have to take a bit of a blog break.

Instead of sitting here posting about life and playing with photos, though I really hope you enjoy what I write and photograph, I feel the need to sit in a favorite spot - front porch, gazebo, love seat in the bedroom - quietly turning pages and reading other people's powerful words.

I'll be off traveling before I know it.  Prior to packing that darned old suitcase yet again (actually I've just bought a new one which looks less weary and worn), I need to focus on some reading..............that much too tall pile of books is calling out to me.  I'm also in the midst of cleaning out my book shelves which include a ton of scrap booking paraphernalia - and that's a job and a half!

If I don't post for a little while know I'll be back's called addiction!  Seems I always have something to say and share, I know I'd find it hard to quit blogging.  Meanwhile dear friends, continue to enjoy Summer wherever you are and whatever you're doing..............

.........and don't forget to stop by and join in my guessing game on this post no later than July 10. Come on, I'm loving your guesses.  


  1. I've just recently become a blogger and I can relate to the "addition" of it!
    I collect old books, but only ones I like to read.
    My favorite collection is those books by Gene Stratton Porter. I started with "The Girl of Limberlost" and now I have all but one.
    It doesn't sound like you need "more" books to read though!
    This is my 1st visit to your blog-I enjoy it!

  2. Oh Mary
    I echo your sentiments - I love to sit and read and I've got a never-ending pile of books to dip into too!!!
    I usually have at least two on the go at once!!

    Currently I'm wanting to read stories and history of Jewish families, so if you have any you would recommend I would lover to hear!!

    It's winter here and we're not travelling this year but will probably go to Europe for Christmas.

    Wishing you a wonderful sojourn wherever you're off to.

    Much love

  3. I'm glad that like me you love books Mary - a flamin' Kindle is SO impersonel. Give me a book to hold anyday! If you take a break enjoy it :o) I'll look forward to your return.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  4. The reading bug has called my name, too. I'm on my third book in one week. Good times. Enjoy!

  5. I understand the need to read and I know the pull of the blogging world. I would love to hear about your reading list. Hugs and happy page turning! Bonnie

  6. I hear you! I need to get away from the computer too but I'm afraid I'll miss something. LOL! Enjoy your reading break, though you will be missed! Hugs, Pamela

  7. Would love to know what summer reads you are reading. I just finished Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, a good summer read. Now I must check out blogs I have missed the past few days. Enjoy your summer of preparation.

  8. I'm a book addict too. As they say, books are some of my best friends. I'm on a trip so have several books loaded up onto my Kindle.

  9. Can I come join you on your front porch? I will bring a good book with me. I am always with my nose stuck in a book if I am not stitching or quilting.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  10. Enjoy your bookish respite! Sometimes there is just nothing else that satisfies but quiet with a good book. Even, as hard as it is to believe, blogging!

  11. I always enjoy reading your blog Mary! I'm in envy you have the time to read!
    Take Care,


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