Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer at SuzAnna's Antiques.............

Yes, HOT is the word used more than any other lately!  No matter what time of day, or where one is hanging out, HOT it is and HOT it remains.
I stopped at SuzAnna's Antiques early Saturday - but it was already stifling in the area where my booth is located. I managed a little sweeping and dusting in between guzzling down my entire bottle of water in no time flat!  

The only air conditioned space is the small check out/office area. How many treasure hunters can you squeeze into a tiny antiques laden space? 
Rather like, "how many people can you cram into a VW Beetle", or "into a bright red British telephone box". We used to do crazy things such as that!

Surprisingly the polite, perspiring customers weren't behind the counter, or climbing up on it, trying to get even closer to the little wall mounted air conditioner!  

Of course continuing business hours after the temperature hits 100 is just about impossible - perhaps they should have written on this fabulous vintage double-sided blackboard..... 

It's cool somewhere!  

....and then shared directions on how to get there!!!

I took a quick whiz around snapping a few pics to share with you...............

............great bookends but forget bronzed shoes, 
cool flip flops only in this weather......

.............an array of old travel stuff, post cards and such, some of places which just have to be cooler than here......

.................and you have to admit that pair of beautiful lamps have people dressed in the perfect outfits for hanging about in triple digits!

This sunny sign in SuzAnna's outdoor sales area says it all though........  

........the spirit lives........

.....and those of us who love to hunt for antiques and vintage will be back, once the days cool off a bit.


  1. I can't even begin to imagine the heat you must be enduring. After two days of summer weather we are back to cloud and wind again today and I needed a summer jacket to go to work.

  2. This is a funny post, Mary! The heat must be really getting to you! I am slowly acclimating myself to it. I actually went grocery shopping today! I would have preferred to stay home in the a/c!

    Loved getting a new peek around the booths. I would love that yellow birdhouse!

    Stay cool, my friend!


  3. LOVE IT! You always have the best pictures and such a way with words!

  4. You will have to come across the pond, we are having a mild summer's day, cool breeze, chirping birds!!

  5. Always a treat to mooch around SuzAnna's with you, especially when it's raining outside here!

  6. Mary, Love the pictures. I saw things I would be interested in looking at up close. Thanks for the virtual shopping trip, it is always a treat. Hugs, Bonnie

  7. Come on up here Mary, it's so cool I turned the heat on while I'm in the office. I'm wearing a sweater but my feet are frozen! It's 15 C. (about 60) and cloudy and damp. Brrrrr. I want some heat back!! Your shop looks wonderful. Stay cool! Pamela

  8. Wonderful pictures. I've heard of bronzed baby shoes, but that one must have belonged to baby Paul Bunyan.

  9. Keep cool somewhere and drink lots of fluids. I am hoping to do a bit of antiquing next week, but then it isn't in the 100's here. Haven't been for awhile, so need to go.


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