Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back to Africa........

Bob and I are preparing to pack again!
No heavy, bulky suitcases complete with 
formal evening wear this time. Instead, 
those soft-sided, no wheels, ever so 
lightweight duffel bags, a backpack each, 
and all our gear very casual, comfy, and 
colored khaki, olive or grey.
We've made our lists and we'll be on our way 
late next week.

You may have followed my first African safari trip in May 2010...........the expedition of a lifetime. The 'Four Old Broads Abroad' - Paula, Jen, Babs and yours truly - having an amazing time in southern Africa. Perhaps you even recall me saying how I would go back in a heartbeat if the planets were in alignment, the good Lord willing, and with my best friend of almost fifty years, Paula, leading the way!  

Never give up on your dreams, they sometimes come true.
Counting down the days..........southern Africa is almost on the horizon again, and this time my wonderful husband is coming too. I am so excited......Bob is slightly nervous, just as I was the first time. We'll be in the four beautiful countries shown on the map above.

I think I captured the essence of the grand safari trip with some good images last time. I used my digital point and shoot, the Olympus with the 26X zoom. It's a great camera and will be going with me again. This time I will also be using a Canon SLR, a fabulous gift from Paula. She wants me to have a fast shutter to catch those running cheetahs and high flying colorful African birds........just like she does.

It's doubtful I'll be able to blog much, if at all. Heck they don't even have hairdryers in most camps let alone Internet - those generators work overtime just to provide light, hot water, and a means of cooking all that delicious fresh food! In a way it's better because there are exciting times experience African countries without modern technology is the way to see the beauty of the magical landscape, experience the amazing animals, and engage the beautiful people. Handwriting a journal again will be my way of recording my daily thoughts......later I'll bring it all together and share with you the amazing continent of Africa.

Wildlife images from my 2010 African safari.


  1. Dear Mary and Bob, wish you both a wonderful Africa Safari! Looking forward to hearing all about this fabulous adventure of yours. Happy to know you are taking a little bit with that flower brooch pinned on your summer hat. You'll look great as always. Safe travels! Much love ~ Vanessa.

  2. it is so very wonderful that you want to see so much the world Mary! I wish a good journey to you and Bob, i hope it will be a magical one. love.


  3. I'm so happy that I follow your blog. Follow being the key word here - you seem to always be on the go - how wonderful. Hope you and your Bob and your friends have a wonderful time. I look forward to reading about your next adventure. Happy Trails!

  4. Beautiful photos. Have a wonderful trip x

  5. I hope you and your husband have an awesome time in Africa!! You always take such awesome adventures!! ENJOY!!

  6. That is so exciting! I'm glad Bob is going with you to experience Africa first hand. Have a wonderful and safe trip! Blessings and hugs, Pamela

  7. Sending heartfelt wishes for a safe and joyful journey. How special for the opportunity to revisit this amazing country with Bob along your side. Look forward to seeing new photos on your return. ~ Sarah

  8. My dear girl!!
    What an adventurous life you lead, I am so envious!
    Paula is a wonderful friend to travel with I know from your previous trips how well the two of you get along and you'll have Bob by your side this time, too wonderful for words.
    I am anticipating seeing the photographs already.
    BTW I want to see what you pack, before you head off!

  9. Your last trip is still so vividly in my mind. How amazing and wonderful to be able to go back again. What a dream come true sort of trip. Sort of jealous, but I will enjoy your travels when you return. Now I am excited for you!

  10. Another fabulous adventure of a lifetime. Have a wonderful time.

  11. I have heard that traveling to southern Africa is 'like coming home.' Your trip sounds amazing and I can't wait for the stories. (oh yes, after wearing my Chuckers all day, my feet were quite sore - definitely not the travel shoe) Journey Safe

  12. I promise, I can fold myself into the duffle!!hahaha!Havea blast Miss Mary!!

  13. I can't wait for you to come back and tell me all about it!

  14. Dear Mary, another wonderous trip...I just KNOW you are both going to have a fabulous time :o)
    Love the photos, and cheetahs? One of my favourite big cats! Looking forward to your posts already.
    Rose H

  15. Can't wait for your return to hear all about your trip and see some photo's.
    In Oct. I will be going to the same places.
    Have fun and stay safe.

  16. Have a wonderful trip, you and Bob and your whole party. Will look forward to more of your wonderful pictures later. The leopard photo is simply amazing.

  17. What an adventure you'll have! Enjoy every minute!

  18. Have a good time, hope Bob enjoys it - I'm sure he will:)

  19. Very exciting! This is something I have always wanted to do. One day I hope. Fabulous photos from your from your first trip.

  20. Whew! You guys wear me out! Go You! Have a fabulous time.

  21. Wow! What an exciting trip you are planning! I bet you do see some fences similar to my ocotillo one while in Africa! By the way, it isn't your blog, but my computer (or possibly Blogger itself) that is causing my problems with seeing some pictures on lots of different blogs...I hope to get it worked out soon!) Have a great trip! Can't wait to see the photos!

  22. Oh wow! You have been places this year! Africa cool! Hubby wants to go one day, but I still have Europe on the brain and of course need money to get there! I hope all of you have another fantastic trip, be careful, come home safe as I'd like to come out your way next month or so.
    Take Care,


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