Friday, May 18, 2012

A slice of life................

Today will be busy around the cottage.  In fact the entire weekend is filled with things to get done.  Life is hectic but wonderful.

Here's my Saturday 'to do' list.

  • Early today, deadhead the rose bushes and trim the periwinkle and ivy bed
  • Water the flower pots and large shrubs before the heat sets in
  • Do laundry and ironing of travel clothes
  • Start packing for the trip to the North Carolina mountains next week
  • Shop for salad greens 
  • Make the delicate orange flavored Gâteau Piège for tea, pictured above from when I made it last time, yum! Thanks to the delightful Clotilde Desoulier's recipe from her sweet cookbook, Chocolate & Zucchini ~ Daily Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen
  • Catch up on e-mails
  • Learn more about my fabulous new SLR camera 
  • Learn more about the fabulous lens I purchased to use with the camera
  • Complete the rebate paperwork to make the lens a little less costly!
  • Practice, practice, practice taking photos 
  • Gift a special first grader with a digital point and shoot to get her interested in photography
  • Check paperwork/packing list for the next big adventure coming soon!
  • Have afternoon tea in the gazebo with a slice of above cake
  • Make a healthy salad for supper
  • Sip an aperitif on the front porch while gazing through the blue hydrangeas
  • Listen to the evening songbirds as dusk falls over dinner in the gazebo
  • Watch the movie Cairo Time 

Are you resting and relaxing this weekend ~ or working on your own 'to do' list?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, maybe I'll make a list tomorrow,today has already flown by!

  2. Busy here....Penny (from Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen) and her hubby are coming for dinner, so I am cooking up a storm.

    See you Tuesday!

  3. I'll trad you Mar!!! At the office catchng up, going to the bank and the shoe shop, off to the airport to pick up Graham and Carole. Try and get their luggage to the luggage storage area, then to the entire opposite end of the airport for the flight to Salt Lake City. Then the flight to Jackson Hole, then to the B&B arriving around 10:30pm and being picked up at 6am tomorrow for our adventure. Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!

  4. Mary, I like the sound of your list ~ especially afternoon tea with a slice of gateau piége. Enjoy your day! Is the topic of movie a clue to your next travel adventure?
    ~ Sarah

  5. Phew, I'm exhausted reading this!
    Hope you're not too worn out Mary ;o)
    Rose H

  6. That cake looks amazingly yummy!
    Yes, the to-do list is going on here too. Arrived home yesterday, so my list was laundry and grocery shopping today.
    Have fun with your new camera and more travels.

  7. Your day sounds busy, but enjoyable, too. I've not tried the Gateau Piege, but I love the Gateau au Yaourt from Clothilde's cook book. In fact, there are a couple of pieces sitting under the cake dome on my counter.

    I've not heard of Cairo Time - let us know what you think.

    A few hours were spent in my garden today, too. I planted some vegetables and herbs - things are getting off to a great start.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Mary.

  8. The gateau sounds wonderful, but I'm exhausted after reading your list. May have to go rest for a bit, put my feet up, sip some Earl Grey.

  9. I particularly like the last few items on your list!

    The cake sounds wonderful....

  10. That dessert looks out of this world! The photo looks like one from a magazine! You have such a wonderful "touch."

  11. You had a busy weekend if you got through all of your list - you will have been ready for the cake, which looks delicious, and the aperitif :)

  12. Busy, busy, busy! I love the cake! Did you ever post the recipe?
    Take Care,


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