Thursday, May 17, 2012

Missing SuzAnna's............

Have you noticed I've been remiss in posting the latest from fabulous SuzAnna's Antiques?
Unfortunately my time for visiting there has been limited - the world got in the way so to speak. I so miss having my booth's a pic from those lovely days for the new followers of my blog.

I was there often, tying on my tags, fluffing my stuff, treasure hunting for more pretty, useful, French and English goodies to offer the lovely gals, and often guys, who stop by to see SuzAnna's latest.

Since closing my booth early last Fall.......I was heading to the sub-Antarctic and beyond.......I've used some of these tags I made for the shop as gift tags, however perhaps I'll hold on to them just in case I can score a little corner in SuzAnna's once I'm spending more time at home again! I like to think I can go back. Although Thomas Wolfe said "you can't go home again" I think you can, and I do it often. SuzAnna's shop, and all the friendly people there, was like my second home.

Coming up this weekend I'll be heading to SuzAnna's where I'll check out, and hopefully have time to photograph, lots of new treasures to share with you. Also, while there I'll be attending a fun workshop with my friend Jeannette, a talented professional faux finish painter. I'm excited about this class called "How To" as it will feature the ins and outs of using tools to fix furniture, and then painting it with the now very popular Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint from England. I've several painting projects of my own awaiting. Will share more with you on this later.

Anybody out there treasure hunting lately?  
The good weather also means neighborhood 
yard and garage sales galore. What have you 
found that you couldn't resist?
Show us your great finds.


  1. Mary your blog posts are always lovely! I wish i would have time to visit in some antique shops while i was in London. At the moment i wish to find an vintage or antique fern book.

    Lately i have been quiet here in blog world, i would want to be more in outside than in. so now on when weather allows i will read blog posts outside. i so much miss corresponding via blogs.

  2. I went out the other day to find some goodies for my booth and came home empty handed. I need to expand my searches to include a flea market, auction or estate sales....

  3. I also miss those days... we had so much fun! And you're right, you can always go back. Love, Vanessa

  4. So excited about our painting class! I am having the urge to go flea marketing to find some new treasures - wish I were in Paris or London....❤

  5. Mary, I can see why you would miss SuzAnna's Antiques! It is beautiful there! Someday I will have to ride up to Raleigh and visit with you!

  6. Just stopped in to see what is going on in your life lately. Hope you are doing well. Looks like you are enjoying life! Hugs, Donna

  7. I can well imagine why you miss it so much Mary. If you did return with a booth it won't be going back, but moving forward :o)
    The painting class sounds wonderful, I'm certain you'll enjoy it!
    Rose H

  8. I love those tags, Mary! Have fun with your paint. I haven't really been junking for awhile, but I am trying to do some things with the junk I already purchased-if you know what I mean!

  9. Mary, I'm sure you miss SuzAnna's and we all miss seeing the wonderful images you'd frequently share with us. Your space was always filled with inspiration and temptations. ;-)
    I found two great finds in RI. I came home with a vintage scarab bracelet from the 50s that was made in RI. Also found a wonderful pin. Just happened into a jewelry shop with two cases full of vintage and antique pieces. Fun finds to take home from my trip.
    ~ Sarah

  10. Thanks for getting me out and about. Your spot at SuzAnna's looked wonderful. It may be your photography skills but I think I smell the 'vintage.' I would love to be out antiquing, you've made it look very tempting.

  11. Of course you can come home again. It may be a while til I Have an available spot open...but you will be first on the list if you want it!! LOL! We miss you too and CANNOT wait to see you this weekend!

  12. Hi. So glado to meet you. Fantastic blog. Thank you

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  14. I wish I had time for treasure hunting, but I've been so busy outside.


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