Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Her Majesty, Emma, and the Giveaway.....

I've just received this lovely 
note of thanks from 
Buckingham Palace!

There is a website HERE where, if you send message 
of congratulations to Her Majesty on her 
Diamond Jubilee to be celebrated in June, 
you too can receive an official 'Thank You' 
via e-mail!  

Britain is probably being inundated with commemorative items to celebrate the Queen's amazing 60 years on the throne. Much of it tacky as those things can be.............OR gorgeous such as the beautiful everyday, long wearing, handmade and decorated earthenware, made by a great Englishwoman whom we love in the kitchen, Emma Bridgewater.
Emma's creations go so well with scrubbed pine farm tables, Welsh dressers, old linens, traditional British foods, and let's not forget the never ending cups or mugs of tea being poured from those teapots warmed by their cozies.

'Black Toast' (above) is my favorite pattern and I have several pieces I use daily. The history of Emma's business is so interesting, go HERE to learn more. After swooning over all her beautiful patterns, be sure to read all about how she started and grew her amazing business.

I know a lot of 'tea lovin' gals' who would 
love one of these teapots to go 
with their cucumber sandwiches, Victoria 
sponge cake and jam tarts at teatime!

Ever hear yourself saying, "I just don't need another mug"?  Well I don't need one either, I'm already drinking out of two of Emma's lovelies.............but I wouldn't say "no" to this one to brighten up my morning coffee.

Many thanks to blogging friend Jackie in Surrey, England for giving me the heads up on the Royal website and the new pieces of Emma B's earthenware.

Long Live Our Queen!


AND A REMINDER....................

Don't forget to stop by my recent Giveaway post HERE.

I'll be drawing a name at the end of this week and the winner will receive a new copy of fabulous Fifi O'Neill's premier issue of Romantic Prairie Style, a beautiful quarterly magazine - hot off the press! All you need do is leave a comment on that post to be entered in the draw. Would love to see your name there if you've not already stopped by.


  1. You know how much I too love Black Toast, Mary.
    I will be ordering a Jubilee Mug, after all, I've still got my original mug that children were given to celebrate the Coronation in 1952.
    I've always maintained that I can remember the street party that day, even though I was only 2 years old!
    Great post.

  2. Good morning Mary! I saw Jackie's post about the greetings to Queen Elizabeth and the Emma Bridgewater pottery but didn't follow up as I was busy. Today I sent my message to the Queen and also entered your draw for the Romantic Prairie Style magazine. Now I'll go over and visit Emma's site. I like that her pottery is 'everyday' casual don't you? Have a lovely day. Hugs, Pamela

  3. I do congratulate Queen Elizabeth. I have great admiration for her and her sense of duty to her country. She has served her countrymen well.

  4. Queen Elizabeth II is doing a wonderful job in her role as monarch. I'm proud to call her my queen. She works hard.

    Tacky always appears at these times, but the Emma Bridgewater pottery is gorgeous. And you're right - another mug like that wouldn't be out of place in anyone's cupboard.

  5. When I'm in England in September I'll be looking for one item from the top of my shopping list - an Emma Bridgewater mug - and I love the one you've shown with the admonition to return the mug to the kitchen!

  6. Hi Mary!! I haven't been posting very much lately. That was really nice that you got a thank you e-mail from the Queen! I love all those mugs and all the other things you posted!!

  7. Well, had a problem trying to leave my comment. This may duplicate...in any case, just wanted to say thank you for the head's up on Emma Bridgewater and I shall go take a look at her beautiful wares. And I also think this magazine is rather intriguing....

  8. Hi Mary, well, I am old enough to remember watching the coronation on tv in black and white, and seeing the decorations in London at the time!!
    Great post, although I think, sadly, that the jubilee has been forgotten in the political turmoil in Europe,

  9. Hi Mary, thank you for the mention. Emma Bridgewater and her husband Matthew Rice ( acquired the stationery business that he had founded with Viscount Linley)have some great products. He is is a painter, author and architectural enthusiast; obsessive about birds, poultry, gardening, the countryside and is fantastic in the kitchen. All these passions are reflected in his work from his calendars to his collectible Birds series of mug designs. Also worth looking out for here:-

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  10. I love Emma Bridgwater's work, always so beautifully designed.

  11. How great to receive such a lovely acknowledgement from Buckingham Palace! I remember watching the Coronation when I was five years old ( I was six later in that year) and it's incredible that the Queen is still reigning 60 years later. She's been a superb monarch and still manages to look wonderful even though she's 86, she still works incredibly hard too. She's a queen to admire, respect and be proud of.

  12. Mary, I'm off to visit Emma's new offerings. These are such fun. A friend sent me a package of the paper napkins. I didn't realize there is more. How fun!
    Can one have too many mugs?????
    Long Live the Queen! ~ Sarah

  13. She has absolutely wonderful ceramic items that honor the Royal Family. Wow! Great email thank-you also!


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