Monday, May 7, 2012

May Garden Notes................

The kitchen window box planted a couple of weeks back is starting to fill in - I love to look out the window and see the colors of the flowers.

Along the back fence there are roses......

.......heavily perfumed jasmine.......

............and sweet smelling honeysuckle.

The House Finches have hatched in the jasmine climbing the front porch - three perhaps four, I can't tell at present.

..............and this is that mother - Mrs. Finch and her shadow, flitting back and forth feeding and caring for her little ones.

The garden in early May is delightful.


  1. Hola Mary: Preciosas fotografias delicadas y bellas.
    Un abrazo muy cariñoso. Manoli

  2. Your purple and yellow color combinations is magical..Will try it out in my own window boxes..if it ever warms up here in Michigan.

    I do love your blog..The music is so soothing and I can travel in my mind along with you..

  3. What a gorgeous garden, no wonder the finches have chosen to live with you :o)
    Rose H

  4. Your garden is way ahead of ours in England...I guess you have much warmer weather. We are still at the primrose and Camellia stage...but I so look forward to scented Jasmine and roses.

  5. I love that shot you got of the mother finch! And the baby birds are precious! Love all your have such a nice variety!

    Have a good week, Mary!


  6. Wonderful post! Your 'around the world' posts have been amazing - love those. But I always enjoy your 'here's what's going on in my neck of the woods' posts.

  7. Everything is looking absolutely beautiful. You are making me want to plant jasmine. I love the aroma. Enjoy your week. Bonnie

  8. Your garden is lovely - what a place to which to come home after all your adventures! I'd love to smell the jasmine and roses - they are so pretty.

  9. You have a beautiful place for birds or people to enjoy. The picture of the baby birds is cute. Recently, I had been watching the development of five little ones in a nest on my porch. I was very disappointed one day to find them gone without a trace. They were too young to fly away so some creature took them. I like the colorful birdhouses on the wall. Very nice post!--------- Shannon

  10. So beautiful! You have a pretty garden and I love your veranda. What a sweet photo of the babies in the nest! Have a lovely day! Pamela


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