Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jubilee Days........................

Yes, it's almost time!  
Time to be glued to the 'telly' if you're a Royal watcher, a royalist, and of course an ex-pat like me! If you're not able to cross the pond and grab a front row seat along the River Thames in London, or in a boat, to join in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, TV might be on your schedule next weekend.
Her Majesty The Queen, with members of the Royal Family, will be aboard the Royal Barge, accompanied by a flotilla of over one thousand boats from around the world.

Click here for the full story of an exciting and historic occasion next Sunday, June 3 - and check your local TV listings for coverage - looks like BBC-America and CNN will be broadcasting the London festivities over several days as there are many exciting parades and parties in celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 60th anniversary on the throne. I believe this will be even more fun than a royal wedding - and a great lead up to the upcoming Summer Olympic Games also in London in July.

Thanks Jackie of Jackie's Life in Surrey for the heads up on the happy occasion. 

Long Live Our Queen!


  1. And so say all of us!
    Like you dear Mary, I wouldn't miss watching all the pomp & circumstance not to mention the mad street parties on BBC HD this upcoming Diamond Jubilee weekend.

  2. I would love to see that on tv but we don't have a satelite dish so can't get those stations. Maybe CBC will show some of it. I hope I remember to check on Sunday! Thanks for letting us know.

  3. I love watching all the pagentry!! Should be wonderful!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. Now I will be checking the tv for coverage.

  5. Be still my heart ... following all of this ~~ we get Wimbledon!!!!

  6. God morning Mary, Oops is is exactly 12 noon. Where did the morning go? The story of my life.

    I loved seeing Penny's post with you and her friends. I wanted to be there too. Time is fleeting so fast this year. I know you understand 'busy' smile. How wonderful that you have the opportunity to travel Mary. Theses are special times for you. Enjoy your next trip and be safe.

    We are taking a Christmas Cruise on the Rhine with Grand Circle for our 50th anniversary. It is the Christmas Market Cruise. I am loving making the plans to go. We will be home on Christmas Eve. One of my sisters and her hubs are going with us. Fun times ahead.

    I will love watching the Diamond Jubilee for the Queen. I have always admired her and she is still going strong.

    Wishing you happy days my dear friend. Wish we could get together more often. Time and miles are the hindrance. Sigh!

    Love, Jeanne

  7. Royal watching is in my blood thanks to my German heritage! Don't forget tonight on ABC at 9pm they are having an interview special with Prince William and Harry about the Queen. I am looking forward to it!
    Hugs to both of you!

  8. Thanks for this info. Ulrike - I'll definitely tune in!

    Mary X

  9. I shall be watching but probably not live as I'm travelling back from my son's on the Tuesday. It should be a great occasion.

  10. I'm sure it will be broadcast all over the place. June and July are certainly very exciting months for England this year. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  11. Lots going on here in the UK and can't wait. They said on the radio this morning that only 7 Royals will be on the Royal Barge and on the balcony:- The Queen, Prince Philip, Charles and Camilla, William, Kate and Harry.
    For more information on the event see:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18147354

    Thank you for the mention dear Mary.

  12. We are heading your way tomorrow but nary the time to stop. Granddaughter Rachel's birthday is Thursday. Then we head for the beach on Friday for the whole family celebration. One of these days I would like to meet you at Susannahs. Enjoy the telly.

  13. BBC America has a 24 hour continuous coverage event starting early Sunday morning. Good Morning America and the Today Show have their anchors in London Monday and Tuesday. Not only the Jubilee and the Olympics but for folks like me (the sporty type!) there is the European football championship being played in Ukraine and Poland. can't wait for all the fun!

  14. I'll be watching bits and pieces as I can throughout the weekend. But my daughter is in London - when they made their plans they were totally unaware that it was the Jubilee Weekend. (And couldn't understand why they had such difficulty in finding a place to stay.) They are planning to see the flotilla down the Thames, and other events. Lucky them. I'll watch from here and maybe make some scones for tea to celebrate.

  15. Hello
    Just a quick email as I noticed your feature on the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant; the Thames Jubilee Pageant Infographic and map from LondonTown.com can be embedded (for free) and thought you might want to include it in your article: http://LondonTown.com/PageantMap


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