Monday, May 21, 2012

Gazebos are glorious............

The GAZEBO........  
  • A pavilion structure, sometimes octagonal, that may be built in gardens, parks, and spacious public areas.
  • Roofed and open on all sides; they provide shade, shelter, ornamental features in a landscape, and a place to rest.
  • Some gazebos in public parks are large enough to serve as bandstands or rain shelters

You know how I delight in my screened gazebo pictured above ~ a comfy retreat from the 'buggy' backyard world, especially now when the warm weather mosquitoes are arriving and already biting with a vengeance. The foxes are still passing through the garden often but I've yet to see any kits this Spring.  
I found these really beautiful Indian candle holders at TJMaxx recently. Reasonably priced at just $8 on sale, I bought two to hang in the gazebo. They have a removable insert holding a tea light which is easy to lift out and replenish. Just realized my reflection is in the glass.................and of course I'll be spending time out there as often as possible now the weather is so lovely.

Where do you sit in your garden?
Are you bothered by biting/stinging insects?


  1. Morning Mary, I am pleased to say the sun is finally showing itself in the UK today!! We have a single glazed conservatory which is an ideal place to sit in on a sunny day as my hubby has to be careful of the rays due to past history of skin cancer. We do have a table and chairs outside with a good size umbrella so we occasionally eat out there. I like to have citronella candles to keep the 'mossies' away, I also have ordinary candles and solar powered lanterns. I would love to have a Gazebo like yours or a Summer house in the garden.

    Enjoy it, Jackie in Surrey.

  2. We are sitting on our front deck these days. In our previous house we sat under our pergola. Luckily we don't seem to have mosquito's here in the mountains. Maybe it is the elevation. I purchased some very similar candle holders with clear glass from World Market last week. Mine were 5.99 each. I bought 5 to hang from our umbrella over our outdoor dining table.

  3. I envy you your gazebo - it's so lovely. The lanterns were a great deal and they are perfect for that space. I love our porch, but sure would love something screened in, as well!


  4. AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and I want to follow, do you have twitter or facebook??

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    Have an awesome week.

    LOVE Maria at

  5. I love your gazebo and your new candle holders-just gorgeous! Enjoy!!

  6. Sigh, I looked at the picture of the gazebo and really thought is was from the pages of a glossy magazine - it's gorgeous! I love the candle holders you've got too. I can imagine just how relaxing it is to sit awhile and sip a nice refreshing drink whilst reading or chatting....
    I'm not too bothered here with bites, but my visits to the West coast of Scotland have been a nightmare with the dreaded midges there. I put up a cheap and cheerful gazebo in the garden over the summer and like to sit and read there.
    Sending love,
    Rose H

  7. A gazebo would be lovely, especially with those pretty candle holders. It depends on the year as to whether we have alot of biting critters. The mosquitos don't come out heavily until sunset. Yellow jacket/wasps we have tricked into believing we have a nest of them already, so they mostly stay away. I sometimes just like to sit with a cup of tea on the stairs outside of my office door. My husband loves sitting in his greenhouse. I think once the greenhouse is finished it will be a gathering place to sit too.

  8. I love our gazebo. It's not screened, but we don't have mosquitoes on this part of the island - unbelievable, but true. The gazebo is on the list for tomorrow - it needs a thorough cleaning. We had such a wet winter that everything is covered in moss or mold. I love your candle holders!

  9. We don't have a gazebo, but we do enjoy our screened in porches. It would be nice to have one within the garden somewhere though, a little escape. ;-)
    Great find on the candle holders! They add a bit of romance.

  10. Your gazebo is lovely and so is the Indian candle holder - perfect for a summer night.

  11. Perfect! It is so nice to be able to spend time outside again, and you have such a lovely place to do it.
    Take Care,

  12. How nice a gazebo, especial the wooden gazebo.


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