Friday, May 4, 2012

The Iceman Cometh..............

Have you bought a new kitchen appliance recently?  
Specifically a refrigerator.
Our house is a small cottage, 26 years old. Our magnificent, much-prized GE top freezer/frig also reached 26 years of age.......and then decided to give up the ghost and go into slow death throes last week.

Have you shopped for a replacement refrigerator for an older home lately? I'll tell you, it's not fun, especially trying to find one that fits your space. Be prepared for a tiring weekend strolling up and down rows of 'white goods', that's what they call kitchen appliances now, and battling with your better half as you go. However, a warning, they're not usually white, or hard to find bisque (new moniker for almond) - which was what we wanted - but, if you're into current trends, love a more trendy contemporary look, and don't mind cleaning off shiny surfaces daily, you'll have it made. There are a bazillion stainless steel refrigerators, most with fancy schmancy ice makers and water dispensers.................and some cost as much as our first car purchase in the mid-sixties! Of course that's when gas was only 29 cents a gallon too!  
Now I know many of you have those fancy refrigerators and love them........perhaps I'd choose one myself if I had the right kitchen, and a maid, but a small cottage style kitchen with all bisque colored appliances needed a matching, more traditional style.

How about what they call the French door style? I love armoires, so why not! Large refrigerator section at the top where it's easy to view what's lurking in the nether regions. Freezer at the bottom which doesn't hold as much food as the top freezer in the old one..........but will bring an end to storing endless plastic tubs filled with mystery meals and sauces. Heaven to Betsy, I unearthed a couple of tubs of homemade pesto dated 2006 - that was my best year growing basil, tons of it which I couldn't allow to go to seed - now that's scary. When removing all the food from the old 'frig I suddenly realized we were adequately prepared to survive a long as the power grid continued to function.

Hopefully we'll get used to this armoire style 'frig. We didn't want ice and water in the door, and it is bisque colored, and has the textured finish as before so no scratches or fingerprints (and of course no maid). My favorite bit is a shallow pull-out drawer to store things like cheese and deli foods. Since delivery a few days ago it's been humming along quietly and happily. Our food shopping habits will change - no stockpiling, no frozen leftovers. Will it see birthday #26? I sincerely doubt that......they just don't make much that lasts that long anymore! 


  1. Oh, it seems those of us with older cottage style homes have to search when new appliances are needed. Washer/dryers were our latest challenge. We have to have a stacked unit. Finally found one that would work. We did remodel the kitchen and used the Subzero drawer and cabinet units. It was the only thing that would work in our small space.
    Glad you found one that would squeeze in.
    Happy spring, my friend. ~ sarah

  2. I go into a near-catatonic state when I have to go into appliance departments. It's a good thing The Great Dane doesn't mind that sort of shopping - I nod and smile when he asks if I like this or that model, when in reality I just want an appliance that works and doesn't make work for me!

  3. I loathe shopping for appliances - your new fridge looks nice though and more than adequate for storage.

  4. It's amazing that your last fridge lasted 26're right, they don't make things like they used to! I have so little interest in appliances, over the years I have let my husband pick them out. It's all so boring! I have a freezer in the basement that I am sure holds some things from the Ice Age. I'm not looking forward to that job!


  5. It's so true. The fridges are sooo big today and fancy schmancy to boot! We didn't upgrade our fridge when we redid the kitchen so I hope if we ever have to it will fit in the allotted space. I'm glad you found a good replacement in the colour you needed. I didn't know they still made bisque colour. And how about those monster front loading washer and dryers?? A whole other story! :)

  6. Happy to hear you found a match! You've also reminded me to clean out our fridge, I do hope I don't find anything from 2006??

  7. I lived in a cottage in Twickenham and now in a bungalow in Surrey, I know what you mean about space. We had a similar problem with the dish washer when we moved here. Luckily there is only two of us for the fridge-freezer and dishwasher. Also I can shop online from Tesco's if unwell to get to the shops and have good neighbours.As you say they don''t make appliance to last nowadays.

    Have a good weekend. I am going to send you an email in reply to your comment on my blog. Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  8. When our kitchen was re-done about 7 years ago, we purchased a side by side frig/freezer. I hate it, and can't wait to replace it with the traditional style...freezer on top.
    We have finally figured out that stockpiling is futile, as it either gets forgotten or goes off. With just two of us and diminishing appetites there is only so much we can eat.
    I'm glad you were able to find a replacement you were happy with, hopefully it will last as long as you need it, and you won't have to go through that exercise again!

  9. As someone who resides in an old house, I totally feel your pain.
    I fear we'll have to get a bespoke refrigerator when our dear one gives up the ghost.
    Who needs one as big as they are these days anyway??

  10. I have seen some old retro New fridges on some blogs.... everytime I see one I want it! However I remember being shocked at the price tag. It must have been shocking...
    My husband says a fridge will save on money as they are way more efficent than the oldies. Hopefully you will fall in love with the cost saving?

    :-} Oh and to answer your question on my last blog post, yes I am going to stay with my sister in Sidbury near Exeter.


  11. My fridge is small and still fills up with mystery stuff on a weekly basis. I don't believe in stockpiling or buying in bulk to save money. I would rather buy what I need, what I will use, as I need it. There is already so much waste in this world and I just hat it when I have to throw things out because no one eats it or it gets forgotten. I have metal cabinets here that are awful to keep clean, don't think I could deal with stainless steel. And no, things definitely aren't made to last these days. Glad you finally found one that you could live with, for at least a little while. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  12. I was in college when my mother's washing machine died. We had when I was a baby and my mom got it from her mom! Well over 20 years! They do not make them like they used to. Hope you will like your new one! Don't get much choice when you have a specific space requirement.
    Hugs, Lisa

  13. Been there, done that in the fridge search. Months of looking at stainless-steel leviathans, finally found one non-stainless that would fit the smallish space of an older house -- and a bottom freezer with two pull-out drawers, which turn out to be surprisingly useful. Frequent choices in the top drawer, longer-term things below. Hoping if I pamper it, it will last a long time.

  14. Ugh! I do not love appliance shopping. We had the same issue when we replaced our stove. We had a drop-in, and I wanted another drop-in. We had to slide the lower outer cabinet just a bit. It was a good thing I was replacing the counters at the same time, or we would have had a real issue.

    Enjoy your new refrigerator.


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