Sunday, May 13, 2012

Remembering Mother....................

It's Mother's Day in the USA.  
It rolled around again on the fleet-footed days of another fast time flies when you're a mother. When the children are small they keep you hopping 24/7. Later they keep you worrying day in, day out. Suddenly you look at them and they aren't children anymore, but you're still concerned for their welfare, plus often that of their children, your precious grandchildren.

I took these images recently around the cottage......then playing with them in the PicMonkey editing program which I love for its ease and quickness.

My home doesn't really look as old as this, an apparition enabled via technology. Not that I'd mind if it did because I do love this look, washed with patina, tea-stained and faded.  

I think of my mother and wonder how she would like the way I decorate now. It is all very different from when she was around to visit.......crossing the pond to embrace life in America for a few weeks every now and then. I was so much younger, we were on a tight budget, raising a family, and living in rentals where I wasn't even allowed to paint walls....and admonished by landlords for making holes to actually hang things on them!

Below is my most precious and favorite photo of my 
late mother. Taken on her 21st birthday in 1932, 
it shows her as the elegant and proud woman 
she was then and continued to be 
until she died at age 91.
The silver lidded powder bowl was a 21st birthday 
gift from her father, a little treasure she 
passed along to me.

Although she's no longer here to read my card or 
open my gift.......I'm thinking of her today and 
thanking her, as I do every year, for being 
the wonderful mother she was.

A very happy MOTHER'S DAY to each of you. I hope 
your children remember you today with love and affection, 
respect and kindness.


  1. Happy Mother's Day! Over here it was in March of course and I always think of my mum then even though she's no longer here.

  2. Such a loving tribute to you Mum, how could she not love the way you have decorated the cottage, Mary, it is simply gorgeous!
    The way you've changed the photographs is very appealing to me. I'll have a look at the program you mentioned and maybe have a play too.
    Happy Mother's Day, dear friend.

  3. Your home is lovely - thank you for the photo tour. I adore reading your blog!

  4. Beautifully expressed, my friend. Thinking of you on this Mothers Day.


  5. Oh dear.. thinking of you, thinking of mom... a happy and blessed mother's day to you my sweet Mary. All my respect and love to you today and always. Love, Vanessa

  6. Your mother sounds very special. Happy Mothers Day to you too!

    Sft x

  7. I heard from all my children today and had the best mothers day present in that my football team in England won the whole championship for the first time in 44 years. Sometimes it pays to "stick with it" and my mum would have loved the excitement of that day. Miss her and think of her every single day.

  8. Mary,
    Again your writings and beautiful pictures made me feel like I was on the journey with you''
    Also Mary what you wrote about your Mother brought tears to my eyes.
    Thank-you for sharing on your blog.

  9. Bonne fête des Mères!!!

    Mary, I love the photo of your beautiful mother - a real treasure.
    Her powder bowl is so special too especially as it was a 21st gift from her father and now one of your family heirlooms to be passed down through the generations!

    I have a portrait of my mother taken on her 18th birthday. Her hair is bobbed and crimped, she was reed slim and wearing a sleevless sequined Chanel look cocktail dress. I've loved that photo forever and I'm using a copy of it on the cover of a vintage book I'm making for my daughter's birthday.

    I'm enjoying your QE2 cruise with you - as I've told you before dear you take the best photos!
    I'm flying to Paris in a couple of weeks - I wanted to go Emirates to see Dubai (I have a friend living there) but the flights didn't work out - c'est la vie!

    Do your feet ever touch the ground for long??!!

  10. I meant to add, that's great photo editing – I’m like you and love the aged patina look.
    Somehow I feel my mother would not have approved either!!
    Shane x

  11. What a beautiful profile your mother had. No doubt the photographer saw that, and had her pose to show it off. She was lovely!

  12. What a beautiful tribute to your mother as well as all mothers. I am remembering all mothers who have made an impact on my life....i hope you and your followers are, too! Love, Jeannette


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