Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Antiques, vintage, and friends.......................

Vanessa and I are squeezing in 'togetherness' before she moves away to a city about 2.5 hours drive from here. Oh how I'll miss my sweet friend, her charming hubby, and their sweet daughter. Over the past several years we've enjoyed so much together.........even sharing a booth here at SuzAnna's, something we loved and really miss doing together. Thankfully they are not going too far away. We will definitely be getting together as often as possible.....for treasure hunting weekends in her area where there are some great antiques and vintage venues. 

We spent some time last Thursday enjoying a looooong chat and newsy catch up at one of our favorite Starbucks. She is a new 'auntie' and hopes to get home to Brazil to visit her new pretty little niece soon. Her sweet daughter recently had her sixth birthday and is a big girl now, and her lovely hubby is almost ready to graduate with his MBA - congratulations - I know it was hard work for them all these past 2 years!

Afterwards we headed to SuzAnna's Antiques and 
enjoyed checking out all the lovely items, 
especially the old ironstone........ 

.....these paper wreaths were so unusual and sweet.....

.........great set of vintage luggage........

.....this miniature cabinet with fern frond was lovely, 
could be hung or stand on a chest.....

....and these, sitting in a booth, calling my name, the 
vintage seltzer bottles I've been wanting 
for ages.............so of course all three came home 
with me and the lovely owner even gave me a 
nice discount for which I was most grateful.

They are perfect on the French-inspired lazy Susan, 
re-done and lettered by my good friend Penny at 
The Comforts of Home - I purchased this from her when 
visiting Asheville last year.

Dearest friends - Vanessa with Susie, owner of 
SuzAnna's Antiques - May 2013

So it was a great day with Vanessa, as always. 
You can visit her here at A White Barn. We have plans for the future - road trips and weekends - as we'll always remain friends no matter where we wander. Some day I even hope to visit Brazil with her......now that would be a wonderful trip! 
Guess I'd better start learning some Portuguese!

All editing via PicMonkey - where I love to play!


  1. Oh dear, how lovely! I'll be missing you lots and lots! I'm already looking forward to those days where we'll meet to do some antique hunting, chatting, and just spending some time together. It's an honor to have you as a friend.
    Love you! Vanessa

  2. Mary, I'm sorry your good friend, Vanessa, is moving away but at least she's not too far for a day trip of visiting and shopping. The green seltzer bottles look great in your home. How are the baby chickadees doing on your front porch? Hugs, Pam

  3. Well, I am hoping that when Vanessa moves closer to me and you visit her, you will give me a shout out and I will try to come and spend the day with both of you!

    Love, love, love those seltzer bottles, I have been eyeing some too. Thanks for the shout out on the lazy susan!

  4. Now this was a special day and with a special friend. I always love your visits to Suzanna's. Love the seltzer bottles. I brought a turquoise one home from Barcelona a few years ago and love it sitting in my kitchen.

  5. I loved my visit to Suzanna's and it was great to see the seltzer bottles that you found to put on Penny's turntable. Our world is small. Looking forward to seeing you in Asheville soon. Hugs, Penny (The other Penny).

  6. I will miss Vanessa too! I know her new move will be wonderful, such a cool place to move to as well. If you ever need a "partner" to travel with, please don't hesitate to call me, I would love to go play with the two of you. Hugs and love to your both during this new chapter of life, Mary Ann

  7. I will have to visit Vanessa's blog. It sounds like you had a lovely day - it's so nice to find a kindred spirit, but one has to be open to it. It seems to me that you are just that - open to new experiences, new friends, new challenges.....


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