Sunday, May 12, 2013

FLOWERS Photo Challenge.........

Store-bought flowers can be lovely, brightening up the room when the garden is short of blooms for cutting. Above, one of my favorite indoor shots of store-bought flowers from a few years back. I played with it somewhat as I thought it needed a vintage look to showcase the delicate pink roses and lisianthus, both old-fashioned flowers. Not keen on formal arrangements, just loose bunches of beauty popped into a vase or an old ironstone jug. I added a couple of hosta leaves from my garden for more texture. The arrangement was on my dining room table and I recall how much I enjoyed it for a week or more.

Meanwhile, let me take you out into my garden where I grow a lot of flowering shrubs and plants. So many in fact it was very difficult to choose photos for this challenge...........I had hundreds to choose from and, because I love sharing with you, I wish I could show them all. Then Donna would ban me from future challenges I'm sure!

Walking around the garden, my favorite flowering Summer shrubs are of course the blue Endless Summer hydrangeas. My favorite petunias the past couple of years are these white with lime centers which really light up the flower beds and pots. These, photographed last year, are in a large pot with a lime euphorbia "Ascot Rainbow' which was later planted into a flower bed and is growing into a spectacular bush which I love.

In the previous photo challenge "Simplicity", I shared a special morning glory photo. These are Heavenly Blue morning glories. Here's another shot, one bloom open and buds ready to unfurl. I love that the crackled and peeling paint on the potting bench is showing the perfect blue underneath to match the flower. I often say I'll re-paint this piece, but of course keep putting it off! This small porch is a haven on a Summer evening - we like to sit here with a glass of wine under the candolier, taking in the perfume and beauty of the flowers - if you've followed my blog you've seen plenty of shots of the front porch!

All photos taken with my aging Olympus SP-59OUZ - that trusty, much-loved digital point and shoot.

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  1. Now, Miz Mary, I would never ban you! LOL! I know how difficult it is to choose among our favorite flower photos and whittle down the number for sharing in a single post. It's like picking out which children you like best!

    I really like your application of a textured background layer on that first photo! I think you are the only one who attempted that creative technique in this particular challenge. Kudos for creativity! It does give the gorgeous floral display a vintage appeal.

    Oh my, you captured my heart with the picture of the lime colored petunia! I just bought some that are similar, but have a bright yellow center. Gorgeous closeup of the flower mass.

    I'd love to sit out there on the porch with you and chat about your latest traveling adventures, sipping wine of course and smelling the flowers, LOL. Such a lovely retreat. And that chippy paint on potting bench is charming. Procrastinate away...

  2. What a heavenly garden! Beautiful shots, all of them! Enjoy your day!

  3. Your garden is a beauty, Mary!
    I'd have a hard time disturbing that vine to paint a railing too - just accept that the railing has 'character'!

  4. Those petunias...oh, my! They are gorgeous! Your photo captures the colors beautifully. The vintage look in the first photo is did you do that? I have a lot to learn about photo editing software.

  5. Always a joy to see the flowers in another's garden - a virtual garden tour I guess. A gorgeous blue morning glory and I like the 'Ascot Rainbow' euphorbia. I love my point and shoot, it takes decent photos too.

  6. How lovely to see those amazing flowers, especially as we have nothing similar yet. I'm just planting my petunias.

  7. Glorious!! Each and every one!

    I'm sorry to be by so late to view but my satellite internet was acting ugly yesterday and wouldn't let me on!

  8. Each of your flower photos is just wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing! I just love seeing what is in the garden of others.
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. We had lunch in the greenhouse.

  9. The petunias with the lime-colored centers are fantastic. I've never seen anything like them. I would imagine that they are beautiful in the day and at night. Your porch sounds like a very pleasant spot to enjoy an evening.

  10. I've made a note in my garden book for next Spring to look for white petunias with a lime centre - yours are totally captivating Mary and teamed up with the variegated euphorbia they make such an attractive display in front of those stunning blue hydrangeas!!
    Do you add alum sulphate to the soil or feed in another way maybe - I would love to know!
    My two white "Bridal Bouquet" hydrangeas have turned many shades of cream through to dappled pink.
    Sadly my blue lacecap has now turned a purply pink.
    Obviously the soil is too alkaline.
    I always love your photos of morning glory too!
    Shane ♥


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