Friday, May 17, 2013

More little lies...................

A few weeks back we found it. See the tag. Well yes, the price wasn't bad as it is metal and seems well constructed. But see those words 'Squirrel Proof'. Once again, they are telling lies, albeit small ones because although it seems to work most of the time, we apparently have very smart squirrels in our garden. There is this guy.......or perhaps gal because of the smarts displayed......who comes to drink............. 

...........sits about looking coy, eating nuts and digging up acorns, then heads for what we thought, for one day, was yes the prefect squirrel proof feeder! However, is wasn't to be as there are about three little grey devils who come constantly having learned to balance hanging downward, without closing the shield over the feed ports, and steal those precious(and now very expensive)seeds.

Meanwhile, we do the usual, bang on the front storm door, open same door and clap hands, yell loudly, run down the front steps, and act like two crazy homeowners who have lost it!

See how much my garden birds are loving this feeder - above there's a male house finch, a female cardinal and a male towhee. All arrive and sit in the fig tree behind awaiting a perch, and often the dastardly squirrels are hidden in the leaves too.

This was a big surprise - one of my much-loved Carolina wrens arrived - they rarely eat seeds or are seen on feeders. On the right another male finch brightly colored now in the breeding season.

Above, a male cardinal, a blue jay and a female cardinal. Note the design of this feeder allows part of the seed to stay at the top so all four perches can be used much longer - that makes so much sense. 

Red-bellied Woodpecker grabs a peanut.

Grey squirrel working its way around to the seed port 
and soon will be chowing down!

What to do?  Not much if you enjoy feeding the birds. She is cute, she has babies. She may be smart but she better not teach them them the ins and outs of squirrel proof feeders!


  1. Ha Ha ... how well I can relate to this post. They are clever little creatures to be sure.
    I have two of the squirrel proof feeders with the cages around them. As far as I can tell the sneaky little guys haven't been able to get the food out, but they are constantly trying.
    Your new feeder is attractive and the birds it has attracted are so pretty and a nice variety. Great photos!

  2. I have yet to see a truly squirrel proof feeder - they just hang on it and tip the seed out. Your pictures are so pretty :-)

  3. Good Morning Mary. I just sent you an email about a really truly squirrel proof feeder.

    Your bird pictures are amazing!

  4. What a lovely, colourful gathering of birds at your feeder!
    The squirrels? Well, they are to be tolerated, I guess.

  5. Mary, this is why I stopped having a bird feeder a while back! Ha! I am surprised you were able to capture the squirrels from such a close angle. Great photos of the birds too!

  6. You need to do what I do! Embrace the squirrels! lol I find when I give the squirrels their own food, they leave the more expensive bird seed alone, for the most part. Not always, but they eat a lot less of it if I give them enough of their own. I just get the cheap squirrel and critter blend at lowes. AND a bag of roasted unsalted peanuts in the shell. I figure that way they are putting their energy into opening the shells, rather than eating the birds food.

    I put them out at the same time each day, giving the birds a chance to eat without the squirrel bothering them. And once both are gone, they are gone until the next morning.

    This has worked for my little crew. I have three squirrels and two chipmunks that I support. And tons of different birds. Having just moved from coastal NC to Wi, I'm enjoying seeing all the different birds we have up here, as compared to down there. No more Thrashers! Yeah! lol :)


  7. These are wonderful photos of the birds and the squirrels. You are getting a nice variety of birds in your yard. That's a great looking feeder. Do you think you can put a baffle around the top of it to keep the squirrels from hanging on it upside down? Worth a try. Hugs, Pamela

  8. Laughing! My husband use to buy "squirrel proof" bird feeders and have yet to find one they can't figure out. Love seeing your birds. I am in love with the red cardinals and that is one that doesn't travel in the Pacific Northwest.

  9. Tee hee! I stopped feeding the birds some years ago when we unwittingly attracted field mice into the house but I started again a few weeks ago. We are using a pretty basic cage within a cage but instead of seed we are using fatballs. So far so good but I did see a squirrel eyeballing the feeder this morning so its just a matter of time before the little blighters get to it:)
    Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so excited for your trip and cant wait hear all about itwhen you return. Bon voyage!
    Paul :)

  10. You have such colorful birds over there! And such a variety.

    I wonder if there truly is such a thing as a squirrel-proof bird feeder . . .

  11. Those squirrels are cheeky and smart. We don't have a feeder, but I've seen them in my garden, picking blueberries and holding them in their little paws to eat them, all the while watching me. Nervy! But kind of cute. The bird photos are lovely.

  12. Ha-ha! I don't think there are any feeders that could be squirrel proof. Where there's a will there's a way. :) So many variety of lovely birds! Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Squirrel proof feeder? Try having a look at this post Mary...the feeder was from the US
    Your bird friends are SO beautiful, what a delight it must be to watch their antics :o)
    Super images!
    Have a wonderful journey dear friend.
    Lots of love
    Rose H

  14. If you put lots of vaseline along the pole the pesky squirrels just slide down and can't reach the feeder...Very funny to watch and works too.

  15. Have a wonderful trip .I so enjoy your posts about them.


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