Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ball jars and frogs....................

Here's a little follow-up to the the previous post extolling the merits of something as simple as vintage canning jars - whether you actually use them, or just enjoy decorating with them.

These are the neat flower frogs I found at SuzAnna's Antiques last week to fit the Ball jars. They are authentic zinc lids and have been retrofitted to accommodate sturdy wire mesh insert to hold flowers. At $5 and some change, a great way to make a few of your canning jars useful.

These lids fit any standard neck no matter the size/capacity of the actual jar. My little secret here regarding these pint size jars, (my other vintage versions are all quart sized), is that they are brand new! They are the Ball Heritage Collection offered online at the Fresh Preserving Store to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first Ball brand jars. They come in a 6-pack for just $12.99. They have new lids attached which I replaced with the frog lids.....makes them look truly vintage.

I have this jar of garden flowers on the kitchen window sill, just fits that narrow ledge. I'll be displaying lots of homegrown blooms during the Summer season.

Love the useful Ball jars - just know you're going to want some!


  1. This is a sweet idea, Mary. I love your photos and the edits on them. Beautiful photos. Hugs, Pam

  2. The flowers look gorgeous in those jars Mary and the frogs are a neat trick!
    Rose H

  3. What a cute idea and what fun you will have creating those pretty bouquets.

  4. So beautiful dear! Thank you dear for all the support. It will take a while to heal the pain, but I know she is in better place. It has been a very quiet day over here today, much thinking and remembering... Love you ~ Vanessa

  5. What a great idea. Ball jars are so versatile. Love that you mix the old with the new.

  6. I like that idea, Mary - very pretty. The new frog-tops are brilliant.

  7. The photos are really nice. Well done.
    I love ball jars. I worked for them back in the day so have a few nice souvenirs packed away somewhere. I am now inspired to find them for display.

  8. Love canning jars for flowers. A clever idea to add the frog. Mostly I use the old clamp on lidded jars for flowers, as I don't use them for canning.

  9. mary... those lids are such a great find... I have one vintage blue ball jar... and recently purchased a package of 6 of the blue ones that they released for the anniversary { found them at target}... your flowers look so pretty!


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