Saturday, May 4, 2013

Babies on my front porch...............

Everywhere is brilliant green outside the window. 
The rains have left for a while. 
The grass required a major haircut yesterday. 
The blooms are blooming big time................
.......and on the porch all is awaiting the post-pollen 
clean up once the chickadees fledge!

Is it possible? Possible that those two teeny tiny Carolina chickadees HERE, busy building a nest in my birdhouse on the front porch, are already parents! Yes they most definitely are because they're flying back and forth into that little hole bearing juicy bugs.........and yes, when they're away I can hear tiny cheeps coming from the little house when I put my ear up close.

The busy nest building commenced on April 7, not even a month ago. I'd love to be able to see inside. How many babes are there? Just how tiny can a baby chickadee be when its parents are minute to begin with? How will the babes get out of the birdhouse? Will they stand on a parent's back to reach the hole? So many unanswered questions If I had some kind of a little periscope, or tiny camera, I could see in, but then I would disturb them, not a good idea. I need to watch more Nature programs on TV - perhaps they can answer my questions. I've counted the days for incubation and hatching, and sometime within the next few days will be 'the day' to leave home.

You know that most likely they'll fledge when I'm not home....or early on a cool morning while I'm still sleeping....or making soup or baking in the kitchen....or just looking the wrong way for a few minutes.

Just wanted to let you know that all is going well with our front porch guests. The babes will soon be flying through my garden and I would love it if they decide to make it their long term home. Garden birds are definitely a favorite thing for me!

Linking this post to Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage for A Favorite Thing Saturday. Hope you'll stop over and perhaps join in - Spring has sprung and you can share all the loveliness.


  1. How fun to see! We had baby robins last spring-- so interesting to watch then grow (so quickly!!).

  2. Luna and I are just looking at this pics, they're lovely dear! And, Luna goes "mommy, when the chickadees see a hawk, they go chickadee dee dee dee... really loud!" She loved their little home, specially because they got little "babies" in there. Wish you have a lovely weekend! - Love, Vanessa and Luna

  3. How sweet! They certainly picked a cute home for raising the babies!

  4. I adore chickadees. I even bought Lenox Christmas plates with them because I love them so much. How great that you have babies in your birdhouse!

    We had a little wren nest over our front door while we were out of town, and she and the babies have flown the nest. We were slated to have our house pressure-washed when we got back, but had to cancel. LOL The babies have finally flown the nest and were SO cute.

    Thanks for sharing this adventure with us. I'm dropping by from Claudia's where I'm participating in her blog party, and I want to wish you a happy weekend. Oh, and I love all of your birdhouses. I collect them, too!



  5. How fun to watch! I hope you get to see the babies take their first flight. We have rain today and it looks like rain for the next several days. I want to get out side and do more gardening...but the weather is not cooperating. Guess I just have to stay inside and finish those lamp shades.

  6. How sweet! I wish we could see how tiny they are. Someone else blogged about pigeon eggs and they sure aren't very cute when they hatch. Now I know why I can never tell the difference between young and adult pigeons -- they are basically the same size. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  7. I love to watch a nest at this time of year. We have one in the wisteria and the birds come back year after year. Up here we are having a glorious morning - perfect for birds and gardeners!

  8. That is so neat Mary. I would love to see the babies leaving the nest. I hope they can hop up to the hole and get out! Our weather continues to be fabulous here - day 8 of sunshine and warmth. The trees are really bursting their buds and look pretty. I hate to say it but we do need a bit of rain soon. I guess not until Thursday though. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs. Pamela

  9. I do hope you are there when they fly away. Stand real still and hold the camera just so. Now no moving you know. Good luck! How exciting.

  10. Just delightful. You have provided such a special home for those little critters. I do hope you get to see them fledge.
    Just think positive and keep the camera ready!

  11. I love chickadees, well, I love birding in general, but chickadees and bluebirds are very special. Two chickadees visited my feeder today. I do so hope that you will see the babies fledge. I watched bluebirds fledge one day and that was so special. Good luck....keep your eyes on the house!!!!!
    Farm Gal in VA

  12. Isn't it lovely if the birds chose their home around our home? They are lovely guests. :-)

  13. You know my Dad loves to watch the birds building nests in his garden too, and there seem to be so many! A couple of years ago he was given a pretty cool gift of a special nesting box that has a camera inside it. He connected it to a TV in the kitchen and each year is able to watch birds (usually blue tits) build a nest and raise their young. It's very exciting and I know you'd love something similar, maybe request one for Christmas so that you can set it up next spring! Dad doesn't have his up and running this year though, but I know that he is watching several nests being built in his garden :)

  14. Oh, those sweet babies! I've watched robins fledge with my heart in my throat - how do they do it? I so hope you get to see them fledge, Mary.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week, my friend.



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