Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vintage simplicity.......................

Ball jars, Mason jars, canning jars, no matter what you call them everyone seems to love 'em. They create amazing things with them, some useful, some more decorative. Some gals even preserve fruits and veggies in them and thereby use them for what they were originally intended.........long term food storage!

My collection is purely for decoration right now. 
I love how the greenish blue glass 
adds subtle color to my kitchen.

The crusty zinc lids are grey and gorgeous.

There's a clear glass jar tucked in too.

I'm loving these jars and I know I've shared them 
with you before........... 
....and later I'll show you what I found for them recently!


  1. Looooving my little blue jar, dear! Thank you! The rose is still looking beautiful. Hope you're having a good week. I've got paint all over me... back to painting projects... lol Love ~ Vanessa

  2. I love all your pretty blue jars Mary. I have one lonely one as they are rare here. Enjoy the day! Pamela

  3. We don't often see them here nowadays, but I remember my Grandma having them, and using them for all sorts of things. There was always one with sweets in!

  4. I have a small collection that I treasure ... reserving one of the largest for making sun tea every day. It's actually time for me to make my bi-annual trek to the antique barn!!! Have a great day, Ms. Mary.

  5. I have lots of canning jars, but they are all clear glass. I hear that Ball has come out with new blue ones, so perhaps I'll stock up on those and let them become vintage in my home. Love the look of yours.

  6. I do love the old blue ones with the zinc lids....your collection is wonderful Mary.

  7. I openend your site today thinking "where she will be now?" and whan I saw pics of your home I got a little that sound to you??

  8. I love the colour of those gorgeous jars!
    Rose H

  9. I just love the way you decorate, even including jars.


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