Thursday, May 2, 2013

Paradise Harbour, Antarctica................

January 27, 2013 - Paradise Bay, Almirante Brown Station, Antarctica
Good visibility, overcast with snow flurries
Wind: S 2; Sea sooth; Air Temp: 6C (42F)

Almirante Brown, or Brown Station as it is officially known, is a Summer-only Argentinian Base but has been occupied rarely in recent years. It is one of only a few sites where tourists can actually set foot on Antarctica, the Seventh Continent. To go inland (another 1500 miles) to the South Pole you have to be part of a research team. 

Here we are, the motley crew on my Zodiac, freezing before we even cranked up the engine to head ashore - snow flurries and a chilly wind blowing across the icy sea. Hanging on to my balaclava hat..........

..............but at least I was smiling, well kind of!

Landing was easy......................

...having a picture taken ON ANTARCTICA was fun...

....climbing up the icy 165 ft hill behind the base buildings - 
for a great view but with warnings of crevasses - required 
sliding back down on one's backside, 
so I passed, enough said.........

Only 5,345 miles from New York! Seemed much further.

The huge glacier was an epic sight to behold as it met 
the sea.......................

 ........and the old red painted buildings reminded me 
of a Winter scene from Sweden.

There was a small Gentoo penguin rookery...........they 
were still on their rock nests protecting their very 
young chicks.

After a quick look around it was time to return to 
M/S Expedition...............

..........and prepare for the rough two day journey 
ahead crossing 'The Drake' back to South America.

Next time will be my last post on the 
Antarctica expedition. Then I'll share news about 
my upcoming trip to..........can you guess where!


  1. It did remind me of Sweden too! How stark but yet how beautiful it is.

    Give us a hint on your next adventure!

  2. Can't wait to know where you're headed next thanks for all those penguins, I just love them!

  3. Certainly an achievement to be proud of Mary :o)
    I've just put on a cardi, it's made ME feel cold!
    Rose H

  4. The feel of these photos does make it seem so far away. How exciting this must have been for you and indeed an adventure of a lifetime. Many can dream of travel such as this, but you have been very fortunate to have had this adventure. Now I will anticipate your next adventure.

  5. You seem to have been everywhere else, so perhaps an Arctic expedition this time?

  6. Wow... You really captured the size of the glacier in one photo with the buildings in the foreground.
    What an adventure ☺ It looks really really cold!

  7. Brrr. How cold. But still so beautiful. I have no idea where you will next go. But it will be exciting!

  8. I am afraid I have lots to catch up on and will have to find the time to read all about your amazing trip to Antarctica. I have been looking at the pictures and as usual a wonderful glimpse into your expedition and all you have experienced. It must seem a world away now as you are busy doing your garden and back home in your own home getting on with normal life. Loved the whale photographs, and how close you were. Lovely to find your comment. I have not had chance to visit many blogs lately so forgive me for not answering your last comment. Yes it seems at last we are having some better weather and I have been getting some gardening done, hardly seemed to get outside last year with so much rain, so lots of things need attention. The year seems to be racing on now, everything has started to grow so hope we get a better summer. Hope you are both well and enjoying some lovely days.. Eileenx

  9. This has been such an amazing trip and I have loved being along with you on your blog - thanks. I was wondering just how many types of penguins you have seen...what an experience!
    I am looking forward to your next trip....wherever it may be!
    Farm Gal in VA

  10. Your photos make it feel like we were right there with you, what an incredible adventure and friendship gift!


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