Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Baking the last of the Figs . . . . . . .

I just want to tell you about this ready-to-bake pie crust in case you've 
not come across it. I've always used Pillsbury, or a particular chain grocery store brand,
 however have never really been pleased with either.
I found this brand recently at Fresh Market. Hopefully it's available in other groceries
if there's no Fresh Market near you. It's made in Canada and, if you buy readymade 
crusts, you may want to try it. 
The flavor seemed much fresher, more like homemade, it was sturdier to handle 
and didn't tear, and it held the juice from the fruit and sugar much better, 
no leakage on the baking sheet which always makes the tart stick and hard to remove 
to a serving plate, and the sheet much harder to clean. . . . . I hate that part, don't you?
A really nice crust for these easy to make fruit galettes.
This will definitely be my go to pie crust when I don't make one from scratch.

. . . . . . . and yes, this really is my final post on this year's fig harvest!
It certainly was a good one.


  1. Your galatte looks wonderful. I was at our Fresh Market today before I read this post...I will have to check and see if they carry it here.

  2. I have been known to use the Pillsbury crusts from time to time. Good to know about this new option. I'll be keeping my eye out for it when I'm at the grocery stores. We do have a Fresh Market nearby too. Can they be kept in the freezer?

    1. Kim it says to keep them refrigerated then bring to room temp.before unrolling - which is what I did. Not certain about whether to freeze - I think it will say on the packet and would expect freezing is manageable for a short period without spoilage. They are so much better than Pillsbury or the Harris-Teeter brand!

      Thanks for stopping by - hope you're enjoying some slightly cooler days down there!
      Mary -

  3. The tart looks delicious and thanks for the recommendation. 99% of the time I make my own, but maybe I would make more if I had a good crust available. I recently bought a ready made graham cracker crust and felt guilty for not making it from scratch.


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