Friday, August 5, 2016

In the sultry August garden. . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . not an awful lot is happening here in the southeast.

 Funny how all the scurrying about in the Spring months, preparing for Summer
 blooms and fragrance, suddenly comes to a full stop once the weather changes.
Yes, weather dictates everything happening in the garden here. 
Once days become torrid under a blazing sun, and bugs are biting non-stop,
I have to pack away my garden tools and leave most outdoor chores to
nature. . . . . . .and Bob with the mower! 

The lantana is one of few plants blooming right now and is obviously 
 loved by these really huge swallowtails.

How perfect is this gentle painted creature!

We're harvesting figs just about daily. As we can't reach fruits 
at the top, birds, bees and other insects are feasting up there non stop
 which is fine with us. Share the harvest say I.

For the readers who wanted to see what a fig tree looks like,
here's the Celeste which has matured into a giant - it started 
here as a small 18" potted plant several years back. 
A second tree, almost as large, is on the far side of the garden!
Pruning is definitely on the agenda later this year when these beautiful
palmate leaves fall and we can see the branches again.

Hope your Summer garden is lovely.  Enjoy the weekend.


  1. You captured the butterfly beautifully! I am watering my couple of herbs and tomato plant daily....

  2. How cool that you have fig trees! We planted a few fruit trees this past winter but no fig. Hopefully they will do well.

  3. Oh, those butterfly photos are beautiful, Mary. Thanks for showing us your fig tree as I have never seen one. There is little blooming right now as it is too hot (+35C with 100% humidity) Ugh! As pretty as summer is I don't like this heat and look forward to a cool down.

  4. Fantastic pictures of the butterflies! I never manage to capture them with my camera, I am far too slow (and they usually move too fast for me).
    Great fig tree, too!

  5. Beautiful butterfly! I wish I could see a butterfly in the middle of the city. I saw last one when I was eight!

  6. It was lovely to see your beautiful Swallowtail Mary - I remember them from my childhood, but now they are so scarce that I never see them. I think that they are now only found in any numbers around Norfolk.

  7. Oh wow, Mary, those are incredible pictures of the butterfly! Defenitely some of the prettiest I've EVER SEEN. Love a peek into your pretty garden!

  8. That is one impressive fig tree! My grandmother always made fig preserves, my favorite!

  9. A fig tree for our garden - definitely a 'must'. I hope it does as well as yours!

  10. The swallowtail butterfly is really beautiful. My garden is in the in between stage - early summer flowers are done and the late summer/early autumn ones are only just beginning so there's a great deal of green around. Fine by me, it's a tranquil colour to be surrounded by.

  11. New to your blog: love it! Those butterfly photos are fantastic! Or as my oldest daughter, when she was very young, used to call them: flutterflies. :)

  12. Swallowtail butterflies are so very beautiful, and you've captured them so well. Your fig tree is a thing of beauty and wonderfully productive. We harvested enough figs to make 4 half-pint jars of fig compote. I'm hoping the figs on the tree now will ripen before the cold weather comes.

  13. Thank you for showing us a photo of your fig tree! I had no idea they grow so enormous. How I would love to share in the bounty of your fresh figs! I keep hoping to see more butterflies here...I walk about my back garden every day, but so far have only seen one swallowtail. Seems this year we have more of those little white butterflies.

  14. Mary, the butterfly photos you took are just stunning! We have a huge butterfly bush in our backyard and the swallowtails have been very busy here! I hear you about putting the gardening tools away due to the weather! The only thing I did today was cut back my very unruly Carolina Jasmine. It was almost taking over my whole back porch!! That fig tree is amazing! I wish I lived closer to you, I'd be over there begging you for some figs!! Enjoy!

  15. Now that's the only way that butterflies should be captured, thanks goodness little boys with butterfly nets remain back in the 1950's. I'm listening to the radio as I visit my favourite blogs this afternoon and guess what just came on? Andy Williams singing "You're Just Too Good To Be True" the perfect song for your stunning swallowtails.


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