Saturday, August 27, 2016

Don't complain about the heat. . . . . . . .

Hotel garden in Broome, Australia - 2012

The temperature/heat index here yesterday when I checked around 2 PM, 
was again 100F. The entire week ahead will remain
in the high 90's with little if any rain.
 It's complicated, the way the weather guys give temperature readings these
 days!  But of course nothing stays the same anymore - there's always a new
 way to do everything. Even my long gone parents used to say that, so I guess it's 
just something that occurs with each decade.

Oh yes, about the heat. Thinking back, I felt the most uncomfortable and overheated
 in two particular places in the world - Singapore and Western Australia. 

Singapore, amazing in many ways, but probably the most hot and humid place 
I've ever experienced - go HERE for a glimpse of my all too brief visit.

Flying across Australia - Sydney to Broome - 2012 

Western Australia? Talk about hot, hotter than hot, the driest
 hot ever. . . . . . . I thought I was going to die in the Northern Territory, especially
 on the days spent adventuring in Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land. 
But, wouldn't have missed visiting such an interesting place and
learning so much about the landscape and the Aborigines, Australia's 
indigenous people who have lived there over 30,000 years.

Edited:  I see it's 107F in Death Valley, California today, but will reach 114F on Monday.
The hottest place in the USA. Yes, I was also very hot there on a visit some years back.


  1. I hope you will enjoy some cooler days soon ♥ Happy Saturday ♥

  2. I thought it was late winter there. It is regularly over a hundred here in summer, but this summer hasn't been usual. I cannot function in heat. When we went to Italy, I couldn't enjoy myself until Rome as it was too hot. That was the first week in September.

  3. I was there in October which is Spring in Australia. The weather in the 'top end' as they call that part of the Northern Territory, is tropical, and days are 90+ which means Summer there is even much hotter, phew! My blog friend Louise who lives in Darwin has verified this - I hope she leaves a comment here and tells us more about her amazing part of the world!

    Mary -

  4. I really need to complain about the heat today, Mary, Normandy never gets this hot! La Meteo says it's 85 feels like 88 - up here in my attic craft room it's more like 100.
    Stay cool, dear girl.

  5. It's all relative, isn't it? We're having some hot days here lately, too, although I'm so thankful it cools off at night. Still, our heat is nothing compared to Australia and Singapore. Or even North Carolina. So I won't complain. I know it will all end soon enough.

  6. There is nothing that could entice me to visit such miserably hot places...ditto for miserably cold places...I'm very particular...perfection is what I enjoy, which causes me to ask...what has been the place with the most delightdul, wonderful weather? That's where I'll go!

    1. That's an easy one Vee - for me it would have to be my beautiful hometown on the south coast of England in Summer! I always feel that where one is born and raised seems to be the perfect climate. When I go home, even after 55 years of living elsewhere, I feel the best I can be - the air is clear and fresh, I feel healthy and can breathe without allergies, and the temperature is just right for getting outside and enjoying life by the sea.

      Second choice - why of course it's the Maine coast, again in Summer - I'm not a big lover of driving in snow!

      Mary -

  7. Jim talks about wanting to visit Death Valley and I can't imagine with the heat they have there. As I get older the heat and humidity really bother me. I hope the weather will be perfect for your upcoming adventure.

  8. Knowing the temps in other places really puts everything in perspective, Mary. We have air conditioning, shade, pools and hydrating water. So many others don't. My heart breaks. And you, and I'm not surprised, soldered on to make your trips the best ever despite the temperatures.

    Next---complaints about the cold, snow and ice...


  9. You've been amazing places and taken fabulous photos. You are so wonderful to share them with those of us who can't go. The desert southwest in the US is hot hot hot - we lived there for 8 years and at times it was suffocating. All stores had covered parking - you never got into a car without a towel under your legs if you were wearing shorts or you would have blisters on your legs - and when the temperature reached 110 they would close the public swimming pool because people could "drown" in the air just above the top of the water because there was so much evaporation going on. Now, ask me why I love living in the moderate/rainy/cool/soft Pacific Northwest.

  10. You are a brave one to visit all those extreme weather places - but what a wonderful experience, too! I try not to complain too much about the heat during the summer because like I always say, I'll take summer weather any day over our winter weather!

  11. I'm so thankful that we don't have to cope with the heat and humidity that other parts of the world do. Australia is a country I've never had the slightest desire to visit even though I have family there. Too many spiders for my liking and dangerous ones too!


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