Thursday, August 18, 2016

Along the winding way. . . . . . . .

Nearby, in my area of North Carolina, is an artist/musician/stonemason
 who will wow you with his amazing creations in garden landscapes using the 
most beautiful pebbles. 

His installations mimic wandering streams with floating flowers, gentle running
 brooks, even the look of textiles draped across larger stones and rocky
outcrops in a landscape.

Graham Fry had already worked a decade in landscaping featuring stonework
which included building massive walls, outdoor fireplaces, unusual steps and
 stairways, elegant paved walkways and patios etc., when he gravitated toward
 work using stone in its smallest form, pebbles.

Beside being beautiful art, his creations in the landscape are able to address
 problem areas such as poor drainage, or a lack of good soil for growing plants. 
Can you imagine the patience required to create these glorious installations?

Graham, also a working musician, plays guitar with well known rock
 (no pun intended!) bands. While laying rocks and pebbles he's always
 listening to music to help with the flow. It's not hard to hear a melody in
his work such as this one below. To me, these creations bring yet 
another aspect of Nature to surround a home and make a
very beautiful garden area which will last a long time.

I learned of Graham's company and outstanding work from a recent article
 in our local Raleigh newspaper. I was so excited that I went immediately to his
 website to learn more. You should do the same, go here to WINDING PATH 
to see more of his astounding body of work.

I have an area in my garden where I know Graham could work his magic -
it's now near the top of that ever expanding wish list!

All photos via Winding Path Custom Stone Masonry, Durham, NC
Permission to share here given by Graham Fry. 


  1. Oh I would love any of those walks/designs. I come home from travels with suitcases full of rocks:)

  2. If I was living near you, I would certainly call Graham in to create some of his pebble magic. It looks as if it brightens up a rainy day too.

  3. Now that would be a wish on my list too. The artwork is just wonderful and so creative.

  4. So beautiful and unique, Mary. It would be on my wish list, too, but for our ever changing landscape washing everything away in the rain and snow. I'm curious about the rock group!!

    Thanks for the pictures...just so stunning!


  5. These look very beautiful! Usually, I am not too much into stonework in a garden, I much prefer it being shaped by the plants in it, but this is exceptionally beautiful work that would enhance the garden, not take away from it.

  6. Simply amazing! I do hope you'll get him to add something like this to your garden soon.
    bon weekend.

  7. He built something really special. Here's how stones can embellish simple landscape gardens.

  8. I'm here from Donna - Cottage days and saw your comment about the stones/pebbles.
    He's certain a master of art. I do love these photos. :)

  9. What a true artisan!!! Just stunning work!! Thanks for sharing and I'm headed over to his website.

  10. I am a follower of your blog but your posts do not come into my feed. Do you have any idea why?

    1. I don't know Mystica, sorry. Haven't heard from any other Followers having problems. Hopefully it will correct itself soon!
      I'm enjoying your reviews - I've never known anyone who is such a voracious reader - you amaze me!
      Happy day if you come back to read this.
      Mary -

  11. Wow, that work is absolutely stunning! I will indeed check out the website.


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