Sunday, August 28, 2016

A cool look. . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . and a simple, minimalist lover's idea of a magazine rack!

Just browsing through photos looking for a 'cool' one when this popped up.
  Who would have thought such a simple metal hanger would look this neat on
 the wall - I love it!

Speaking of walls, It seems the current wallpaper trend continues - go 
HERE to view a great selection of classic William Morris designs.

I love this look which proves wallpaper is not old-fashioned and can
look fabulous, even contemporary, in the right setting.
I could even consider giving up my French/farmhouse/vintage Euro look
for this! 


  1. Minimalist is always best design ever!

  2. I love the hanger idea!
    A little wallpaper is a good look. I am seriously considering it for the bedroom.

  3. Oh don't do that! I won't know where I am. =D I still love wallpaper and could happily return to the same patterns I chose forty years ago. I am not terribly trendy. The paper you've shown is elegant and I can see it being used in many different ways and with many styles.

  4. I do like the wallpaper - although I wouldn't use it on all the walls as I think it would make the room look really busy.

  5. Clever ideas. You always find the best things.

  6. It does still seem to have a bit of a euro look to the room with the wallpaper. The hangar is a clever idea for sure.

  7. I adore the holder thought!

    A little backdrop is a decent look. I am truly considering it for the room.

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    k rend uk

  8. I'm not a minimalist but nor do I like the cluttered look - I fall somewhere in between:) I'm not a great fan of wallpaper either.


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