Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I'm in a jam!

Seems it's that time again, and it came about so quickly.
This time a year ago I was doing this exact same thing, this very same week,
making fig jam - HERE.

Last year, jars of jam were shared with any and all who stopped by the cottage and
 admitted, or perhaps some fibbed but just wanted to be polite, to liking figs!

The chief picker, Bob, who braves the mosquitoes, bees, angry birds nibbling
on the ripe fruits, robins dive bombing his head because he's taking
 their food. . . . . . . and the 100F temperatures each day, DOES NOT like
 or eat figs in any shape or form, grrrrrrrrr!

Last year I ended up filling more than two dozen jars over the two weeks
 of bubbling pots of fruit and sugar (yes, have to add some), and sterilizing to
 ensure healthy jam. 
This year I may make fewer, but I am also planning to show a friend how
to make the jam and of course she'll be taking plenty home.

I'll be off to the store later to stock up on more canning jars, and the saucepans
 will be bubbling again in a day or so as the trees - I have two - are loaded with fruit.
Fresh figs on breakfast yogurt - roasted figs with acacia honey and mascarpone -
caramelized figs - fig bars - fig upside down cake - fig salsa on grilled salmon - fresh
 figs on a salad plate - or just a fresh juicy fig picked off the tree and popped into
 the mouth, luscious.

Everyone should grow a beautiful fig tree!
Even if you don't like figs the huge perfect leaves are so pleasant
just to gaze at.
My two trees have grown from tiny 18" tall potted plants from the 
garden center into 15 feet tall trees in just over 8 years.
A major pruning will be necessary later this year so perhaps 
next Summer's fruit crop will be smaller. Will have to wait and see.


  1. I have enjoyed your fig jam in the past! Do they make dwarf versions of fig trees?

  2. I am in a jam too - snap! but its apricot conserve bubbling away here - we love it, especially when I use some of it to make our special treat of apricot and ameretto ice cream.

  3. I have found a fig source and next weekend will be picking figs and making jam!

  4. Mary, I may have told you before, but my mom made fig jam every year. She had so many figs she couldn't keep up. Neighbors would come and pick figs, but still it was overwhelming. I know your fig jam is delicious. ;-)

  5. What a beautiful color. I have a green fig, but it dies back to the ground every year so I rarely get figs. You can also dry them to keep longer. You probably already mentioned that.

  6. Mary, that jam looks awesome and I bet it tastes as good also!! Yummy, lucky you!!

  7. Oh yum! And you say your darling does not like it? Too bad for him. Nothing is much more satisfying than seeing the jars lined up and ready for the pantry. Hope that you and your friend have fun in the kitchen.

  8. Even though I am still really full from my tea, your list of fig foods has made my mouth water!
    Unfortunately, Germany does not have the very best climate to grow fig trees. In spite of this, many people have them now in their gardens, but very few of them manage to ever get a single edible fruit off them.

  9. Smiling! When we pruned our one fig tree it decided to produce more. Your fig jam looks oh so good. I came across a fig cake recipe this morning in our newspaper. I will try it. Our figs have another week or two, but plums are beginning to fill my kitchen. I will pick tonight, but the dehydrator is going.

  10. I admire you and most anyone who cans,'s a long process. I've done concoctions with all sorts of veggies from my gardens of yore! I confessed to you a few years ago with you that I had never tasted a fig. They are not fresh here for very long. My daughter in law has made an appetizer for us with figs wrapped in bacon along with some sort of sauce (vague memories on the details).

    I love that you shared so many ways to use the jam. They all sound terrific!


  11. Never heard or tried Fig Jam neither is it one I have come across but it sound nice

  12. Dear Mary, Your preserves look beautiful and I bet they just taste super delicious. We are in full swing in the canning season at our house. We have a rule that if you bring back one of my empty jars you get another filled with whatever I am canning at the moment.

  13. I can't wait to make jam with you!! Yum-O ! I had NO idea our Dear Bob didn't like figs...he doesn't really know what he's missing😄 But we do appreciate all his hard work in picking them💕

    1. Looking forward to our 'jam session' next week Jeannette.
      Have fun at the coast.
      Mary x

  14. That fig jam looks and sounds positively delicious! I love figs...I would love any of those ideas you mentioned. :-)

  15. You have been busy Mary ...... and I LOVE figs whether they be in jam, fresh, whatever !! XXXX


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